100% bonus and staff recruitment in Kolkata Lockdown market, unexpected decision of this Kolkata based company

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100% bonus and staff recruitment in Kolkata Lockdown market too, unexpected decision of this Kolkata based company

100% bonus and staff recruitment in Kolkata Lockdown market too, unexpected decision of this Kolkata based company

100 percent bonus in the hands of the workers in such a bad day! In addition, 15 percent of the staff is being recruited. Lockdown market is rare! In Corona, where economic infrastructure has been crumbling for the past two and a half months due to lockdowns. One after another companies are cutting their salaries at a massive rate, in the context of which the decision to hire 100 percent bonus and 15 percent workers seems to be costly. Unfortunately, this decision was taken by TCG Lifesciences, a Kolkata-based company.

The officer of TCG Lifesciences is an expatriate Bengali. Purnendu Chatterjee, a resident of New York. When Ambani’s Reliance Jio responded by pulling in one foreign investment after another in the turmoil of the economy due to the Corona transition, Bengali industrialist Purnendu Chatterjee reached another milestone. TCG Lifesciences, owned by these expatriate Bengalis, set an example by giving 100 per cent bonus to all the staff at their Kolkata headquarters and Hyderabad office.

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This is not the end. TCG has informed that according to the policy of the organization, new staff will be recruited like every year. At the moment it has been decided to increase the number of employees by another 15 percent. In addition, the process of increasing the annual salary of the existing employees has already started. In addition to this, TCG has planned a special ‘Rewards’ program to recognize all the employees of the organization who have enriched the company through their work and research in the face of these adverse conditions.

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TCG Lifesciences conducts day-to-day operations in their offices in compliance with all government guidelines and hygiene regulations. The number of employees present during office hours is divided into three shifts. Keeping in mind the health and safety of the workers, the company is carrying all the responsibility of the car and all the food companies for the commute to the office.

Swapan Bhattacharya, Managing Director, TCG Lifesciences, said, “It has been a difficult time for the company since the lockdown. But, their firm belief is that employees are the biggest asset of the organization, so the company has decided to stand by them in this crisis situation.

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