75th Independence Day: How to download and send WhatsApp stickers of 75th Independence Day

75th Independence Day WhatsApp Stickers

75th Independence Day: How to download and send WhatsApp stickers of 75th Independence Day

Due to the skyrocketing popularity of WhatsApp as a messaging platform, we now send greetings to any event or special day through this app owned by Facebook. Tomorrow, August 15, is India’s 75th Independence Day. WhatsApp is the best way for us to send greetings or patriotic messages to each other on this special day.

In addition to calls, messages, quotes, WhatsApp stickers are now the first choice of most users for exchanging greetings on this glorious day in India. A pair of WhatsApp stickers is a perfect way to express your thoughts in a very beautiful way without saying a lot or writing a lot.

However, there is no Independence Day sticker in the existing sticker pack of WhatsApp. For this, you need to download the sticker pack separately. In this report, we will tell you how you can download and send Independence Day WhatsApp stickers.

How to Download and Send 75th Independence Day WhatsApp Stickers (75th Independence Day WhatsApp Stickers)

1. First, go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

2. Search 75th Independence Day WhatsApp stickers.

3. Now, download any sticker pack you like.

4. Once downloaded, open the sticker pack and tap on the ‘Add to WhatsApp’ or ‘+’ icon.

5. Make sure if needed.

6. Now, go to WhatsApp and open any chat window.

7. Here, tap the Smiley icon on the left side of the text box and then select Stickers.

8. Find the sticker pack you just added and tap on it.

9. Now you can send these Independence Day stickers.

Then download Instant Beautiful Sticker Pack and have a nice Independence Day morning by sending captivating stickers to your loved ones tomorrow. On behalf of our website, I would like to wish all of you a happy 75th Independence Day.

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