Adobe Photoshop has come with Apple for the Silicon M1 based Max
Image credit by “ZDnet”

Adobe Photoshop has come with Apple for the Silicon M1 based Max

Ahead of the much-anticipated public launch early next year, Apple has released a limited edition beta of Adobe Photoshop for the Silicon M1 based Max.

As announced at Apple’s event on November 10, Adobe is set to launch major Creative Cloud applications optimized for the Apple Silicon M1 in 2021.

“We’re excited to announce the first beta release of Photoshop, which works locally on Apple Silicon hardware!” Adobe said in a blog post. “This is not a fully functional version of Photoshop; it has many limitations compared to the widely available Photoshop for Macintosh. Over time, more features will become available.”

Previously, Adobe adopted the same approach with Photoshop‌ for the iPod, where it releases a basic or major version, and then gradually adds new features. However, in this case, Adobe plans to add more features during the beta period, so they will be ready when the app is released publicly.

“This early version of Photoshop for Apple Silicon offers many important Photoshop features that you can rely on for your daily editing needs and we will add more features in the coming weeks,” it continues.

Features not yet included include content awareness filling, spot healing brush, some file formats, and face detection. There are also included features, but so far there have been “limitations or bugs” such as 3D functions.

“Most features on the M1 native devices are slow,” Adobe said. “These will be optimized over time.”

Photoshop and other apps that Apple describes as “popular” Adobe will be launched early next year. Adobe Lightroom is due for export in December.