Alexa, the daughter of many ragging victims, pleads with Amazon to change her name to Voice Assistant

Alexa, the daughter of many ragging victimsAlexa, the daughter of many ragging victims, pleads with Amazon to change her name to Voice Assistant

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is already hugely popular around the world. Alexa is very good at performing that task immediately after the word of mouth. Through artificial intelligence, this device can read news, recite, and even tell jokes as needed. But this time Amazon is facing a strange problem for this very popular Alexa. No, no bugs or security bugs were found on the Alexa powered device, but this Alexa name has caused problems for Amazon! A number of girls named Alexa have recently been subjected to relentless harassment in their schools in the UK, and in some cases the level of harassment has reached such extremes that some of them have been forced to change schools. So the parents have now petitioned the company to change the name of this voice assistant from Amazon.

According to a BBC report, Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa does whatever she is told to do, and other classmates are raging at her, calling her by the name of a girl named Alexa. And it is very natural that there will be jokes, jokes, laughter at the center of the work! As a result, the girls named Alexa are having an extreme adverse effect on their minds and they are being emotionally damaged. So parents of girls named Alexa, who have been the victims of relentless harassment at school, have asked Amazon to change the name of their voice assistant, and to give it a name that is not normally a human name.

Alexa, the mother of one of the victims, told the BBC: “My daughter was afraid to tell anyone her name because of the jokes and tickles. As soon as I started secondary school, my daughter was harassed and abused at school. It put an unbearable strain on my little girl’s mind, but it didn’t seem like much to adults. When the school authorities were informed about the matter, they advised them to adapt to the matter instead of taking any drastic action. So in the end I decided to change my daughter’s name legally, and I changed the school and brought her to a new environment so that my daughter would be fine. ”

By the way, in 2014 when Amazon announced their voice assistant service. All eco devices that start with “Alexa” follow a command immediately. It is this functionality that has the most adverse effect on Alexa namesakes. According to the report, there are more than 4,000 people in the UK named Alexa, and most of them are under 25 years of age.

However, in the wake of the controversy, Amazon has announced that it has brought in voice assistant Alexa to make it easier for people to perform multiple tasks; However, the company is very sorry that so many people have to face this cruel experience for the sake of this name. Strongly condemning the incident, the company said that any kind of harassment centered on Alexa was unacceptable, but did not say whether the name would be changed.

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