Amazon India has introduced a mobile-only plan for its Prime video. It has been named Prime Video Mobile Edition. This plan will compete with Netflix’s mobile-only plan in India.

But let us tell you that Prime Video Mobile Edition has been launched in partnership with Airtel. In such a situation, it is currently only for Airtel users. Let’s know in detail about the mobile-only plans of Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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Netflix’s mobile-only plan:

First of all, talk about Netflix’s mobile-only plan, it is an independent monthly plan and comes at a price of Rs 199. Video quality is available in 480p resolution. This plan comes with single-user access. That is, this account cannot be shared with anyone else.

Since this is a mobile-only plan. In such a situation, it cannot be accessed on TV or computer other than mobile and tablet. Along with this, access to unlimited movies and TV shows is given.

Amazon Prime Video’s mobile-only plan:

Prime Video Mobile Edition has been introduced by qualifying with Airtel prepaid plans. The starting price of these plans is 89 rupees. Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition is a single-user mobile-only plan, just like Netflix. With this, users will be able to stream Amazon Prime videos in SD quality. On the occasion of the launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition, its 30-day free trial is also being given in all bundled prepaid plans of Airtel.

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But if customers want to continue it even after 30 days, then customers have to make a plan of Rs 89. In this, Prime Video Mobile Edition will be available for 28 days. In addition, 6GB data, free Helotunes, Wink music, and Airtel extreme subscription will also be available in this plan.