Android is known as the “King of Mobile Operating System”: Know Why?



Considering that cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives and are so easily recognize in our daily activities. It is no surprise that the commercial side is constantly growing and has been in bloom for quite some time. It is estimated that a significant portion of the cell phone industry is spent on the product side of things; namely on mobile applications.

With each passing day, the popularity of Android smartphones continues to increase at an exponential pace. The only mobile operating system that comes close to competing with Android is IOS. Android phones are maintaining their dominant position in the market. Every major mobile company except Nokia manufactures Android phones and tablets; in addition, Apple’s iPhone and BlackBerry each have their own operating systems to support. Known for its Galaxy line of Android smartphones, Samsung has been creating some of the finest Android devices available.

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Android phones costing less than ten thousand rupees have also been produced, demonstrating that by lowering hardware requirements; less expensive android phones may be created.

Unique characteristics of Android and why it outperforms the competitors in market:

  • Thousands of free programs are accessible on the Android app store, which is home to billions of applications available for Android. There is an application for virtually anything, whether you want to manage your vehicle, use your phone as a remote control for your television, or even find out how fast you are traveling. Leading game production firms like EA games, UBI soft, and others have created high-quality visual games that are on par with or even better than Xbox or PC games.
  • Increase the speed of your phone. Because of the optimizations made in the code, it is possible to run several apps.
  • A large number of home screens and widgets will help to improve the overall look of the device. With the comprehensive home screen, we can quickly and simply choose anything we desire. The process of surfing the internet has also been simplified.

Android helping in developing creative applications

Android assists developers in breaking down all boundaries and enabling them to create the most up-to-date and creative apps possible. It does this by providing a variety of helpful tools and libraries that can be utilize to create new and better apps. It is the world’s first open-source, free, and completely configurable mobile phone platform, and it is available now. A complete operating system, middleware, and a set of basic mobile apps are all included in the package.

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Android is a comprehensive system, which includes everything from the bootloader to the program itself. The Android Open-Source Project includes everything from a graphics library to developer’s tools and even media codecs, according to its website. Anyone is welcome to contribute to Android with a fantastic idea for a new feature via the open-source project and Android is grateful for any contributions.

Android Market

You may access the most up-to-date list of a huge number of titles that are accessible to you either online or via your Android-enabled smartphone or tablet. A quick scan of the market will reveal that there are a variety of job search applications for Android phones to choose from. When it comes to job hunting, wasting time is the last thing you want to be concerned about.

Therefore, spend a few minutes evaluating the many job search applications for Android phones that are available for your consideration. Find the finest application as soon as possible so that you may immediately begin searching for and applying for jobs.


There are many advantages to developing technical applications for Google’s operating system, and the benefits of creating for Google’s operating system are numerous. Google’s app development market offers something for everyone in the app development business, whether they are seasoned or novices.

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