Another WhatsApp security bug, targeting millions of users

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Internet security experts have identified a new security flaw in WhatsApp. Taking advantage of this flaw in WhatsApp, anyone can delete your account without your knowledge.

According to a report published in Business Magazine Forbes, security researcher Luis Marquez Carpenter over Ernesto Canalez says that anyone can easily lock out any WhatsApp user by entering the wrong 2FA (two-factor authentication code) multiple times.

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WhatsApp locks your account for 12 hours after entering the 2FA code several times. The hackers then create a new e-mail address with the WhatsApp account and ask the WhatsApp support team to delete the account by e-mail saying ‘number due to a lost or stolen account’. And the WhatsApp support team deletes a verification account. To do all this, the hacker will only need your mobile phone number and zero ‘hacking skills’.

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Experts say that although deleting an account will not give hackers access to your personal data, you can permanently lose data as well as your WhatsApp account. And then you have to open a new account to use WhatsApp.

Note that WhatsApp introduced 2FA verification due to account hacking and misuse of a user’s knowledge, however, with this security feature hackers cannot access your data but you can always  lose your WhatsApp account.

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