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App tracking transparency feature is now available on  iPhone, enable it and avoid tracking

App tracking transparency feature is now available on  iPhone, enable it and avoid tracking

Companies will find it difficult to track iPhone users now. The App Tracking Transparency feature has arrived. Under this, users will be able to decide whether the apps will track them for targeted ads or not.

Apple has released an update to iOS 14.5. Many new features have been added to the iPhone with this update. A special feature in all of these is App Tracking Transparency. . By enabling this, you can avoid app tracking.

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Facebook also objected to this feature of Apple, because Facebook’s business only runs on users’ data. However, we will show you how to enable this feature. Also, you will also tell how these features will prove beneficial for you.

Eye on your personal activity, now you can stop it …

For example, you are buying something online or ordering food. But not only the website or app, but other apps are also tracking you. Based on this, you are shown the ads, and you are tracked. Apple’s new feature dragged this to a large extent

After enabling the Apple Tracking Transparency feature, no app will be able to track you without your permission. If you do not give permission, then that app cannot use your data for targeted ads.

Not only this, but your location will also not reach the advertisers. Facebook is angry with all these things because now people will use this feature more, Facebook will get fewer user data. If the user data is less, then the business of Facebook will also be affected a bit.

Way to use Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency feature …

After downloading and updating iOS 14.5, this feature has been found on your iPhone. Now whenever you download and open an app from the App Store, you will get a notification.

You will be asked for permission in this notification. The company will ask you if you would like to allow yourself to be tracked.

Two options will be found here. The first Ask app not to track and the second Allow. If you choose the first option here, then that app will not be able to share your data with other companies.

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That means you will be saved from being tracked. But if you choose the option of Allow, then you will be able to track them and the targeted ads will continue to be found as before.

You can also enable this feature by going into settings. For this, you have to go to Settings, then go to Privacy. Here’s how to tap on Tracking. After this, allow apps to request to track off.

This means that any app that wants to ask you for permission to track you will not be able to do so. This is because through these settings you have already told me not to be tracked.

Although by doing this, you will not completely avoid the companies’ ads, it will be reduced to some extent. Targeted Aids will not be seen, other normal Aids which are shown to everyone will continue to be seen. Not showing targeted ads means that your data is not being tracked.

What will happen to the apps that are already on your phone?

There are already apps in your iPhone that have taken permission from you for targeted ads. In such a situation, you can also stop tracking by going into those apps.

To do this, you have to go to Settings and tap on Privacy. Tap Tracking from here. Now you will see the list here. List of apps that track you. You can turn it off here.

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