Apple Event: iPhone 13 series is going to be launched today, find out the price and features


Apple Event: iPhone 13 series is going to be launched today, find out the price and features

Apple Event: iPhone 13 series is going to be launched today, find out the price and features

California Streaming) Apple launches iPhone 13 series, Watch Series 7 smartwatch, and AirPods 3 earbud today

Finally came the Mahendrakshan! Today, on September 14, the much-studied iPhone 13 series is going to be launched. Tech giant Apple will launch their next-generation iPhone lineup through a virtual event called ‘California Streaming’. At the same time, Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatches and AirPods 3 earbuds will also be screened today. Indians will be able to watch the launch event of the iPhone 13 series live from 10.30 tonight.

iPhone 13 Launch Event: How to Watch Livestream?

Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event will air at 10.30 pm Indian time. Those interested can go to the organization’s event page to watch the live telecast of the event. In addition, the broadcast will be seen on Apple’s official YouTube channel. You can set reminders on the YouTube channel so that you get notifications when the streaming is live. However, if you want to watch the show on the YouTube channel, you must use the Apple TV application. At the same time, Flipkart has recently created a dedicated web page for the iPhone 13 series, which shows that Apple’s California streaming will also be broadcast from Flipkart’s platform today. However, it can be seen on the Apple Podcast app anytime after the event is over. Those interested can watch the live stream of the launch event of the iPhone 13 series by following the link given below:

iPhone 13 Series Specifications and Features (Possible)

Like the Apple iPhone 12 or iPhone 11, the Apple iPhone 13 series will also come with a total of four models. These are – iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. A recent report claims that each model of the iPhone 13 series may have a smaller display notch than its predecessor. The Pro model will be available with a 120 Hz display refresh rate. However, in low-power mode, the refresh rate will be 60 Hz. Four models of the iPhone 13 series are expected to gain weight. In addition, the battery will be 18-20% larger than the previous version.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 series Pro and Pro Max models will be available with storage up to 1 terabyte. In that case, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max phones will have 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 terabyte storage. However, the standard model of the series iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Mini may be available in 128 GB and 256 GB storage variants.

In the case of any mobile, the color option attracts a large number of buyers. Apple’s latest lineup of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini models – Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and White can be found in color. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be available in Black, Brown, Gold, and Silver colors.

Let’s talk about the camera in front of the iPhone 13 series. The camera modules on the back panel of the latest series will be larger and the Pro models will feature more advanced ultra-wide camera sensors. According to reports, the iPhone 13 series will come with the Portrait Cinematic Video feature, which uses Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) called ‘Warp’. This feature allows you to blur the background while recording a video. In addition, the optical image stabilization (OIS) camera system will help to click clear images by detecting the movement of any object. The upgraded night mode feature will be seen in this series.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhones will have an LEO (Lower Earth Orbit) satellite in communication mode. Which, in the event of a plane crash or shipwreck in remote areas, will send short emergency text and SOS distress signals. It allows iPhone users to make phone calls and send text messages without 4G or 5G cellular coverage. However, this feature will only work in selected regions.

In addition, the iPhone 13 series may have an upgraded Face ID authentication feature, which allows the phone to be unlocked while wearing a mask or ‘fuggy’ glasses. It is currently in operation. Apple, like their watch, may also integrate the ‘Always On Display feature into the iPhone. Wi-Fi 7E version support is available for connectivity.

Price of Apple iPhone 13 series (possible)

According to reports, the starting price of the iPhone 13 mini will be ৬ 699 (approximately Rs. 51,471). In addition, the base models for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max are priced at ৭ 699 (approximately Rs. 56,75), ৯ 999 (approximately Rs. Money) may be considered.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications and Features (Possible)

The Apple Watch Series 8 with the iPhone 13 series is expected to launch today at a California streaming event. It may come with a similar design to the predecessor Apple Watch Series 8. Although the display size is likely to be slightly larger. And the battery life will be better than the original Apple Watch. “No health features will be upgraded to this year’s Wearables,” Gurman said. Instead, the focus is on the use of new designs with flat edges and the use of new chips. ”

AirPods 3 Specifications and Features (Possible)

The screen may be removed from the top of the third-generation AirPods today. The tech giant may launch this audio gadget in the market under the name AirPods 3 and its design will be similar to that of AirPods Pro. Upcoming AirPods can come with a wireless charging case. Compared to its predecessor, this charging case will have a 20% more efficient battery. It will offer a more advanced diameter boost sound.

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