Apple is hosting the “One More Thing” event on November 10 to introduce the first Macs to run on Silicon.


It is important to note that “One More Thing” is a phrase used by Apple when displaying major product advertisements. For example, the company used it when it announced the 10th anniversary iPhone X in 2017. For example, people think of November as a showcase

Apple’s airtags and Over the Year AirPods are very popular. Here’s about everything we look forward to and how the show can air.
When was Apple’s event?

Apple’s event kicks off on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 10am – local time in Cupertino. Here are the different local times:

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US West: PDT at 10am
US East: 1pm EDT
UK: GST at 6pm
Central Europe: 7pm CEST
China (Beijing): 1am CST (November 11)
Japan: 2am JST (11 November)
Australia (Sydney): 3am AEST (11 November)

In which way or How to view Apple’s event online

We have embedded the video above, so you can watch the event right here.

Or, you can visit Apple Event App from the App Store or view it by Airplay for iOS. But it should second-generation Apple TV using the latest Apple TV software or TVOS.

One More Thing about Apple is how to view the hardware event

Apple is hosting the last major hardware event of 2020 on November 10 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. Prompt “One More Thing”, which surpassed former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ company events with a special surprise announcement. So what’s up for this event? According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple will release the new MacBook Air and two MacBook Pro models.

For those unfamiliar, after using only Intel CPUs on laptops and desktops, Apple will use its own silicon instead – the company does for the iPhone and iPad. There are still some Intel-based Mac computers available, but Apple is changing things in a major way.

In which  time is the Apple ‘One More Thing’ event?

You must tune in to the live broadcast at 10AM PT / 1PM ET from Tuesday, November 10th. It may be available to watch again when the event is over, so you do not get caught if the opening stream is gone.
Where can I find it?

As always, Apple hosts broadcasts on its site. Instead, it airs on YouTube. Feel free to embed the YouTube stream above.

From Apple’s event What to expect

First of all, many suspected that this event was coming. The company hosted an iPhone specific event for the latest Apple Watch and iPods last month. Apple has previously said it will release the ARM-based Max later this year. So it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

ARM-based Mac

What is Apple Silicone?

The upcoming “One More Thing” event introduces custom ARM-based CPUs running on the Apple Mac. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple Silicon offers the 13 – inch MacBook Air and two MacBook Pro models (13 – inch and 16 – inch), the redesigned iMac, the new Mac Mini, and half – size Mac Pro.

Airpods Studio

AirPods Studio: Rumors, leaks, all we know so far

Apple wireless over-the-ear headphones that will be innovating soon.

Over-the-ear headphones are not beaten headphones. Instead, they are Apple-branded and are called AirPods X or AirPods Studio. The iOS 14 code has been leaked, and reports from well-known Apple observers and a list of targets suggested by these headphones are coming soon. There have been recent reports that Apple has ordered all of its stores to stop carrying third-party headphones. This could be another indication that Apple is planning to expand its AirPods range.


Air tags: Rumors have been leaked, so far we know

Apple is expected to work on new products to compete with the popular hardware tracker tile that Apple adds to find items via Bluetooth or crowd sourcing. Similarly, Apple’s trackers, also known as air tags, allow users to identify lost or stolen items. The presence of these devices has been widely reported in the media and leaks since last year. These are expected to look like circular disks and introduce Apple’s ultra-wideband technology.

They use the standard iOS Find My app with crowdsourcing to accurately locate your devices even in the living room.