As per Encryption Protection of WhatsApp – No one will be able to access the Backup Data

No one will be able to access the backup data


As per Encryption Protection of WhatsApp – No one will be able to access the backup data

WhatsApp went one step further in protecting the user’s personal information. As a result, not only personal chats but also user-backed up data on WhatsApp will be completely secure. Yes, in the new beta version of the app, Whatsapp Features Tracker has recently noticed the presence of some such new features. This feature will protect the encryption of messages and other data backed up by WhatsApp users in the cloud. So, from now on, many people in the technology community think that the chances of the user’s personal information being valuable on WhatsApp are much less.

WhatsApp Cloud data backup will have encryption protection

Until now, our private chats on WhatsApp have been protected by end-to-end encryption. In this way, in a chat, it would not be possible for anyone else to access the information except for the information that the sender and the receiver exchanged with each other. Even WhatsApp itself was unable to access that information. Very soon WhatsApp is also keen to offer this special feature of encryption in case of our backed up data.

Already in the new beta version of WhatsApp (Android version –, the existence of this feature has been found experimentally. WAbetainfo has also acknowledged the presence of the feature in the latest beta version of the app.

With the backup chat encryption feature, WhatsApp users’ personal transfers (messages, history, media files) will be protected from unauthorized access. As a result, it will not be possible for cybercriminals and hackers to access our information.

WhatsApp beta version users have received instructions on how to verify the backup encryption feature. For this, the user has to go to the settings menu of the app and activate the feature. Although first, they need to create a unique password. The role of this password is very important in restoring the data backed up on your device. There is no way we can recover our backed-up data if we forget or lose the password. Apart from unauthorized hackers, the password will also be completely safe from the hands of WhatsApp or its owner Facebook and cloud service providers like Google and Apple.

However, instead of a password, users can use a 64-digit encryption key to restore or restore their data. However, even in this case, he should not lose the encryption key suddenly. Because even if that is the case, it will be impossible to restore the backed up data.

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