Before the launch, the iPhone 13 series made a fuss, Apple’s order to increase production

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Before the launch, the iPhone 13 series made a fuss, Apple’s order to increase production

Popular smartphone brand, Apple is expected to launch their next-generation iPhone, iPhone 13 in September this year. Apple fans are already excited about the upcoming iPhone series, so it is expected that a large number of customers will rush to buy it once the series launches and the company may be well aware of this! Because, according to reports, Apple is trying to increase the initial production of the iPhone 13 series.

Apple is increasing production of the iPhone 13 series

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has asked its suppliers to speed up the production of the iPhone 13 series this year. Not only that, Apple has set a target of 90 million shipments of iPhone 13 by the end of this year.

Typically, Apple orders 75 million units for the launch period of the new iPhone from September to the end of this year, the report said. But this year the company plans to increase production by 20%. As the Covid-19 vaccination program is in full swing around the world (meaning most parts of the world are expected to be able to cope with the epidemic), Apple believes that iPhone models will be hugely popular in the market this year and will do very good business, according to Bloomberg. . In addition, it is going to be the second iPhone series to support 5G network, which will attract more users.

There has been a lot of speculation about the iPhone 13 for a long time and thousands of features are being leaked on various sites. Bloomberg’s report also reveals some of the features of the upcoming iPhone series. It is learned that the display size of the iPhone 13 series will be between 5.4 inches to 6.8 inches. Apple is expected to launch two entry-level models and two high-end models in the series.

Bloomberg reports that this year the iPhone will come with at least one LTPO display, which will offer variable refresh rates. It can support a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. The report further states that the upcoming iPhone models will come with an updated camera, which will include optical zoom and new video recording functionality. In addition, the size of the display will be smaller.

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