Big news! Apple iPhone 13 series Battery Capacity Disclosed

Big news! Apple iPhone 13 series Battery Capacity Disclosed

Big news! Apple iPhone 13 series Battery Capacity Disclosed

Popular smartphone maker Apple has just unveiled its new iPhone 13 series. For now, pre-orders for new devices have started in different countries. Device makers claim that the Apple iPhone 13 will satisfy buyers as it is available with multiple new features. Not only that, but Apple has also made it clear in which sections the new series will be ahead of the iPhone 12. In this case, the issue of batteries was not left out. According to the company, each device in the iPhone 13 series comes with more battery backup than before. However, Apple did not specify its capabilities. However, detailed information about the new series of batteries has come to us from a product information sheet provided by the US Chemical Transportation Center or CTC.

Apple iPhone 13 series battery capacity disclosed

Earlier, Apple announced that the new iPhone series iPhone 13 mini will provide 1.5 hours more battery backup than its previous version. The battery backup of the other three devices i.e. iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max is also rumored to last 2.5 hours longer than before. This statement of the manufacturer very naturally arouses curiosity in the public about the battery capacity of the new devices.

Now, in a document submitted to the CTC, Apple has provided clear information about the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 series. However, this information is presented in watt-hours (Whr) which is a little inconvenient to describe the specification of the smartphone. So we will convert it to mAh.

According to the information provided by Apple, the iPhone 13 series is actually much ahead in terms of battery capacity compared to its previous version. For example, the battery capacity of the Apple iPhone mini device has increased by 9 percent compared to the previous (9.57Whr, 2500mAh). On the other hand, the capacity of the iPhone 13 device has increased by 15.1 percent (12.41Whr, 3265mAh). However, the biggest improvement in battery power is the iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphone. Here you will find 16.5 percent more capable batteries than before (16.75Whr, 4400mAh). From there a slight improvement can be noticed in the iPhone 13 Pro phone (11.97Whr, 3150mAh).

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