Can it possible to buy Apple Watch faces on Watch OS7

Complete guide of Apple Watch face in Watch OS7

Apple still does not allow developers to create completely new Apple Watch faces, but it does make them free to build and share different options with Watch OS7.

With Watch OS 7, you can now purchase and download faces for your Apple Watch. This is not what users and developers wanted from the beginning as it is still not possible to fully design all aspects of the face.

Apple’s limitations mean what a third party company can do. Finally, it comes down to providing background images to see the faces, in a way that you can do yourself from your photo album.

However, we are at the beginning of this. Apple continues to turn the Watch into an integrated device, part of which was added to the App Store last year.

This year it allows the ability to share faces and third-party companies have begun to find ways to use it.

How to buy a watch face on your Apple Watch Step by Step Guide

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple Watch
  2. Tap Search
  3. Tap the microphone icon to determine your search term
  4. Press Done to select “View Faces”
  5. Scroll through the listings that appear
  6. Press Get to buy.


You can search for anything – and write your search instead of ordering. Either you don’t get any search results or you get a very long list.

Apple Watch’s App Store automatically filters results and shows only relevant ones. However, most of these are worth looking at on your iPhone and compare it to the weirdest non-Apple Watch app on the list.

Unfortunately, now you have to turn on your iPhone at some point. You can now share faces and buy them directly from the App Store, you can not install them directly on the Apple Watch.

Instead, you will be asked to open the iPhone app that comes with your new watch app. It’s a bit confusing and it does not help how some watch face developers say their suggestions.

Similarly, some of the apps we tried are hard to use. Finally, everyone will ask you to select a face, and then they will open the Watch app on the iPhone. By adding a face from a person to your watch – with or without the applications used in its intricacies.

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How to choose which faces buying

In each case, the face you purchased is part of hundreds or thousands of different apps. It is clear what watch face you are using and there is no way to limit your choices.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more you can do to reduce the collection of faces you need to get. However, for the most part, or almost all, such collection apps offer you trial-free genetic testing.

In addition to going through the App Store, there are other ways to get new watch faces. Now Apple’s Watch OS 7 will start sharing faces and you can download them.

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How To Download Watch Face

You can expect there will be plenty of sites that offer Apple Watch faces. Again, none of them are much in the way of customization. For example, there are no completely new and different settings or complexity sizes.

As you can already find on sites like Phaser – which is available as an app – there are currently three types of Apple Watch facelift. Simply based on the photo providing a variety of backgrounds for your watch face.

There are those who spend a lot of time attracting Apple’s own watch faces to provide a good balance of color, sophistication, and so on. Finally, there are those that provide useful functions.

They are really taking advantage of the huge complexities of the face like Apple’s Siri One. For example, every time you rotate your wrist to look at the clock, there may be a language face that displays new text for you to learn.
What is available to buy or download

This will be even greater when Apple allows developers to create completely new faces. Until that happens, most of what you can achieve for your watch is limited.

However, if there are some different skills that developers can use, they are already being heavily used. There are thousands of watch faces available for download.

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