Chinese hackers are targeting telecom companies to steal 5G technology data

Chinese hackers are targeting telecom companies to steal 5G technology data

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Nowadays it is a burden to find people who are not familiar with the word ‘hacking’. As technology advances or the reliance on the Internet grows, hackers continue to try to take control of government websites, organizations, computer systems, and even personal computers in many parts of the world. As a result, we are often confronted with hacking incidents. In that case, many may be shocked to learn that the security researchers have heard about this kind of threat! According to the report, a Chinese hacking group has targeted global telecom companies this time to steal various confidential and important information related to 5G technology.

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Researchers at McAfee, a cybersecurity firm, said the hacker group is mainly targeting telecom companies in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. McAfee also claims that these miscreants are trying to achieve their goals by victimizing at least 23 telecom companies. However, it is not known how many companies have been hacked in the meantime.

The researchers said that a group called “Operation Dianxun” was behind the hacking operation. However, the tactics and methods used in the attack are similar to those of RedDelta and Mustang Panda in some previous hacking scandals.

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In this case, McAfee thinks, the hackers are probably targeting employees associated with the telecom industry as well, and are monitoring companies that work with 5G technology. The discomfort, however, is that the primary vector of this hacking infection could not be identified; The McAfee Cyber ​​Security team, however, claims that the hacking group is luring a domain under the thread actor to hack the data of telecom companies and is leaking the company’s confidential and important information by damaging the system through malware. Not only that, but McAfee also thinks that the hackers are hiding behind the career page of the popular Chinese company Huawei as a shield. However, researchers have made it clear that Huawei has nothing to do with the scandal.

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