Chrome Safety Check

Chrome Safety Check – The more we become online dependent, the greater the danger to us. Hackers are on the lookout for when we will make a mistake and they will take advantage of it. Almost every day we hear that hackers have hacked someone’s account and stolen important information. This is why we use strong passwords. However, the search engine Google came forward to save the account from being hacked. The American company has introduced a new feature for users of their own browser, Chrome, which will help keep the password secure.

This feature allows Chrome users to instantly know if their password has been hacked. This feature is called Safety Check. This will let you know if the passwords you save in Chrome are hacked. In a blog post, Abdelkarim Mardini, Chrome’s Senior Product Manager, said: Google will not be able to see your username or password from this encrypted copy but will be able to see if it has been hacked.

This feature will be available in the Chrome 86 update for Android and iOS. At the same time, Chrome is bringing the benefit of Safe Browsing for Android. For iOS, there is an advanced password filling system. Note that Chrome came up with this advanced Safe Browsing feature for desktop users in May. Through this, users get more advanced security measures.

In August, Google introduced a touch-to-fill password for Android. This service has also been launched for iPhone users. According to Google, from now on, additional authentication can be done on the iPhone with Face ID, Touch ID, or phone password. You can also autofill passwords saved in iOS apps and browsers through Chrome Password Manager. For this, of course, the autofill feature must be turned on. All in all, Google is doing a good job of protecting their browsers from hackers.