Customer Engagement: Why Live Shopping is the Answer


Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement: Why Live Shopping is the Answer

Customer engagement is the most crucial thing to cultivate in your business. It brings you multiple bonuses at once: yes, sales conversions, but also customer retention, brand loyalty, and awareness.

Why is customer engagement important?

Customer engagement benefits sellers and buyers alike by bridging the gap between them and hence meeting the current D2C customer expectations. It is very important for brands to keep their customers engaged throughout their purchase journey. This leads to the turning of customers into long-term prospects.

More customer interactions empower shoppers to find your brand more valuable and provide you with customer insights. These customer insights can inform marketing decisions as well as facilitate the sales process. To sum up we can say that customer engagement is the key to building a brand as it helps to achieve the following:

  1. Boosts brand experience
  2. Increases customer loyalty and trust
  3. Provides valuable customer feedback and insight
  4. Improves customer experience
  5. Increases sales funnel velocity
  6. Creates brand awareness
  7. Improves brand image

Live commerce is one such trend that is rapidly gaining traction with mainstream audiences, reaping higher customer engagement levels and gaining the attention of brands, marketers, shoppers, and merchants all over.

How can live streaming achieve customer engagement?

When you host a live shopping show, you are placing your show in the virtual sphere. This has the potential to maximize your reach all over the globe. You are not just presenting to audiences in a room anymore – it’s the virtual shopping show that connects you with any “n” number of audiences. Live Shopping gives everyone an equal chance at engaging that too in real-time.

A brand that shows itself to be authentic often gains loyal customers. But how can you achieve this? Live shopping brings an authentic and familiar feel to your brand. Furthermore, shoppers today value authentic brands they can relate to, and live commerce is the perfect medium to acquire this brand image.

When viewers see a live shopping show and they feel like sharing the same they can easily do that. When other people see it, they may share it too. The result is a constant cycle of shares that enhances your brand visibility. Sharing live stream shows is the most impactful type of customer engagement with your content because a wider audience is guaranteed to see it and know about your brand.

Live online shopping inherently gives you an advantage with customer engagement leading to customer retention. A brand is much more likely to get higher engagement levels on live video than you are on other traditional forms of content.

According to a report people spend on average three times as much time watching a live video as they spend watching other video content. There is a multitude of reasons behind the fact that live commerce drives customer engagement. Furthermore live shopping is a much more authentic manner of connecting with your buyers.

Wrapping this up

Businesses and brands are so often concerned with acquisition, clicks, and conversion rates and they neglect the importance of the moments in between. Engaging buyers during and beyond purchases will strengthen their emotional connection with your brand. Stronger connections between your customer and the brand will help you retain your hard-won customers. 

Besides driving customers down the marketing funnel, customer engagement is about connecting beyond the key touchpoints in your customer journey. This can successfully be achieved by leveraging a live shopping solution. Selling life will keep your brand at the top of the customer’s mind when it comes to the decision-making process.

Live online shopping is one of the hottest trends in 2021 and is definitely going to be the future of eCommerce. If you’re a business, brand, or marketer interested in taking advantage of live streaming for retail, then we hope that this blog has given you greater insight into various ways in which you can harness it to help further your strategic goals and achieve higher ROI. Live stream shopping solution will help you take advantage of this ever-growing technique that will bring you ever closer to your customers, generate more profit, and long-term clients. Email us at and get in touch with us.

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