Do not make these mistakes while charging mobile, can cause huge losses

Do not make these mistakes while charging mobile, can cause huge losses

New Delhi: Currently, everyone uses a smartphone. After using the mobile throughout the day, its battery runs out and you charge the mobile again. Some people make such mistakes while charging mobile, due to which they may have to bear the loss. Not only this, charging the mobile incorrectly increases the chances of battery malfunction. We are giving you information about those mistakes, which you often make while charging the mobile, and you do not even know about it.

Use original charger

To save the phone’s battery from malfunction and to run for a long time, always charge your smartphone with the original charger. If you charge the phone with another or local charger, then it affects your phone’s battery. By doing this continuously, the battery of your phone can also be damaged. So use only the charger that comes with the phone.

Do not charge again and again

Many people always put the mobile on charge. Meaning if the battery is also 90 percent charged, then also charge the mobile. Smartphone experts believe that repeated charging of the phone puts pressure on the battery.

Charge when the battery is 20 percent

Keep in mind that when the battery of the phone is 20 percent or less, then only put the mobile on the charge. By doing this, the battery will not be pressurized and the battery will not deteriorate quickly.

Charge phone without cover


Many times, people put the phone on charging with the cover, while it should not be done. It is said that applying the phone cover with a mobile cover puts pressure on the phone’s battery and increases the chances of malfunction. So whenever you put the phone on charge, remove the cover.

Avoid Charging App

Many times, in order to charge the phone quickly, we download the Fast Charging App. Actually, the app runs continuously in the background of the phone and spends more on your battery. This drains your phone’s battery quickly. That is why you should not use these third party app.

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