End-to-end encryption in Google Messages now


End-to-end encryption in Google Messages now

End-to-end encryption in Google Messages now

In November 2020, Google announced an “end-to-end encryption” service in Google Messages. For the Android version, the feature was only available in the beta version in the first phase.

Now the company has started making the feature available to all users. Google Messages is even more secure. As soon as this feature becomes available, the messages exchanged through Google Messages will not be read or viewed by Google or any other third party.

For this, Google has used signal protocol. According to the company, the ‘end-to-end encryption’ feature will only apply if a chat feature is available between the two users. This means that if there is internet on both sides, this service will be applicable to the exchange of messages.

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This means that this feature will not apply to the SMS, MMS, group messaging you send. Apart from that, ‘end-to-end encryption will now be applied to online messages.

When sending a message from Google Messages like this, a ‘Lock’ signal will now appear at the bottom of the message you sent. Which means your message is safe.

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