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You may have installed some software on it that use too much CPU or GPU or RAM or space. There are some apps that are working in the background with out you know it. You must either close them down or delete them. Facebook messenger and Skype and other social apps are known to bring an iPhone to its knees due to bad programming. Uninstalling some of the CPU/GPU intensive apps may help your iPhone from lagging. If that won’t work either do an “erase all content and preferences” with out recreate everything from backup. This method will help 99% of the times because your problem could be a mix of unfortunate settings that is messing up your iPhone.

No, of course not. Apple does not design devices that are easy to operate. Your friend could not access anything on your device.

But this is still not a good idea, because after doing this you will be asked to sign back into that Apple ID every time the app is updated on each of your devices. Take it from someone who has experienced this: It can be very annoying – especially if the app is updated frequently. It’s usually not worth the hassle, because apps do not cost much money.

Buy your own. Buying an app is not expensive.

Did you comment that you have enough space on your iPhone? Have you verified that you have storage space on your iPhone to verify the following amount? Go to Settings> Scroll down to General> Click on General> Scroll down to Phone Storage> Lastly check each app if the app is used infrequently or stop loading. Offloading keeps the app stationary and increases storage space when you no longer load apps, you no longer need to check if you have enough storage. Software update as long as you have full storage space to update your software if not loaded

1) Close the accounts you’re no longer using
2) Set up a password manager
3) Add two-factor verification
4) Protect your password resets
5) Check your account activity
6) Delete third-party account connections
7) Keep your software program updated
8) Trust no one
9) Get greater help
10) Specify your important contacts
11) Change your passwords regularly
12) Use a secret email address
13) Do you understand the place your telephone is?
14) Stay informed
15) Install a VPN
16) Add PIN code protection
17) Watch what you share online
18) Watch what you share online

It is true to say that Instagram now has over 500 million users and expects to generate more than 1.5 billion revenue in 2016 – a good investment. You may not be able to buy Instagram stock directly, investing in FB stock is great in your portfolio.

Even if you can’t invest directly in Instagram, you can buy Facebook shares that have Instagram. Facebook currently listed on the Nasdaq using the stock code FB.US is currently priced at 2 272.665 (25 minutes late).

Go to your Reddit preferences and select the Disable tab at the top of the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to deactivate your account. You can also click on this link. You need to know your account password to deactivate your account. If you do not know, if it is not stored anywhere, you can do nothing. Administrators can not help you.

If your account is deactivated, no one can use that username again.

Usernames cannot be used and accounts cannot be regenerated.

  1. Click on your user icon

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  1. Select ‘User Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll down the page and click ‘Deactivate Account’. If you choose, one reason to delete your Reddit number is to re-enter your login details. Your Reddit account is now permanently deleted.

Deletes history by manual way

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How to delete hidden history in Reddit 2021-2022 Tricks

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Click on the lines and the drop-down menu will pop up. Scroll down and click on ‘History’. A list of sites appears. You can choose to delete individual sites or you can delete all sites.

How to find mac address on iPhone very easy way

In a wireless network that controls and stores MAC addresses, you will need to enter your Apple iPhone’s MAC address to connect to that network.

To find your iPhone’s MAC address –>>

Start from the Home menu. –>> Select Settings -> General -> Info.

how to To find your iPhone's MAC address

Scroll down that screen and you will see a setting called “Wi-Fi Address” which is your iPhone MAC address.

Enter that exact address as the MAC address allowed on your wireless network. The menu and interface of each router are different, so the directions are different, so check your router manual if you need help.

When you’re done, go back to your iPhone and go to the Settings menu. Select Wi-Fi and it will display your network in the list of available networks to connect to. Click on the network name to cone

To use all the methods you can easily find mac address on the iPhone.

Q. Can we find or view someone’s deleted Instagram photos?

Accurate Answer:

  1. Yes, you can find or view someone’s deleted Instagram photos.
  2. If you know the username of that person and the URL of the post or images.
  3. You can find the photos whether it was deleted from the person’s account.

How to find someone’s deleted Instagram posts learn step by step


i) Is there a way to see people’s photos deleted from Instagram?

Yes, there is a way to see deleted Instagram pictures. For that, you have to log in to your account on Instagram. Go to Explore tab. Now you have to scroll down and go to the “Recently Deleted” section. From here you can check out your deleted Instagram posts or videos of your profile.

ii) Why would someone delete their Instagram images?

Sometimes people delete their Instagram images because they want to start over after a difficult period. They may have gone through an emotional or stressful event and now want to start over again.

iii) How can you view someone else’s Instagram archive?

Yes, you can. But you have to the username & password of that account.

 iv) How do I find deleted photos from Instagram?

There are many ways to find Deleted Instagram photos, but the best method is to use an application called Insta-Archive. With this application, you can see any photo that has been deleted on Instagram, regardless of how long ago it was shared.

v) Is it bad to delete messages on Instagram?

There is nothing wrong with deleting posts on Instagram, but it may be a good idea to keep some of your posts. You can delete posts that are not performing well or that you want to replace with newer content.

vi) Why do most popular people delete their Instagram posts?

There are a number of reasons why celebrities delete their Instagram posts. For example, they may be trying to keep their personal lives private. They may also want to escape the pressure of having their posts with followers and likes.

vii) How can you tell who is looking at your Instagram archive?

You can’t. Instagram does not let you know who has seen your post archive, but you can prevent certain people from viewing your account.

viii) Can other people view your archive?

Yes, other people can view your archive. They can see all your posts and comments, as well as all responses to those posts and comments.

ix) How do you know if someone is saving your Instagram post?

There are several ways to know if someone has saved your post on Instagram. If you go to the person’s profile, you will see a small heart icon next to the number of posts they have saved. You can also go to their profile and look at their feed. If the person has saved any of your posts, it will be displayed in a different color than the rest of the feed.

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