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Frequently asked Questions – FAQs

Q. Can we find or view someone’s deleted Instagram photos?

Accurate Answer:

  1. Yes, you can find or view someone’s deleted Instagram photos.
  2. If you know the username of that person and the URL of the post or images.
  3. You can find the photos whether it was deleted from the person’s account.

How to find someone’s deleted Instagram posts learn step by step


i) Is there a way to see people’s photos deleted from Instagram?

Yes, there is a way to see deleted Instagram pictures. For that, you have to log in to your account on Instagram. Go to Explore tab. Now you have to scroll down and go to the “Recently Deleted” section. From here you can check out your deleted Instagram posts or videos of your profile.

ii) Why would someone delete their Instagram images?

Sometimes people delete their Instagram images because they want to start over after a difficult period. They may have gone through an emotional or stressful event and now want to start over again.

iii) How can you view someone else’s Instagram archive?

Yes, you can. But you have to the username & password of that account.

 iv) How do I find deleted photos from Instagram?

There are many ways to find Deleted Instagram photos, but the best method is to use an application called Insta-Archive. With this application, you can see any photo that has been deleted on Instagram, regardless of how long ago it was shared.

v) Is it bad to delete messages on Instagram?

There is nothing wrong with deleting posts on Instagram, but it may be a good idea to keep some of your posts. You can delete posts that are not performing well or that you want to replace with newer content.

vi) Why do most popular people delete their Instagram posts?

There are a number of reasons why celebrities delete their Instagram posts. For example, they may be trying to keep their personal lives private. They may also want to escape the pressure of having their posts with followers and likes.

vii) How can you tell who is looking at your Instagram archive?

You can’t. Instagram does not let you know who has seen your post archive, but you can prevent certain people from viewing your account.

viii) Can other people view your archive?

Yes, other people can view your archive. They can see all your posts and comments, as well as all responses to those posts and comments.

ix) How do you know if someone is saving your Instagram post?

There are several ways to know if someone has saved your post on Instagram. If you go to the person’s profile, you will see a small heart icon next to the number of posts they have saved. You can also go to their profile and look at their feed. If the person has saved any of your posts, it will be displayed in a different color than the rest of the feed.

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