Instagram Guides feature

For several months now the social media platform Instagram has been bringing new features to its users. Multiple features have already been added to this platform, including reels, anti-bullying. This time they have brought a feature that will make it easier to search for something on Instagram from now on. Before that, if you wanted to search for something on Instagram, you had to search with hashtags. Or this facility could be obtained by entering the username or location. But this time Instagram is launching the Keyword Search feature. As a result, even if a post does not have a hashtag, you can see if you search with any keyword in that post.

How to do keyword search?

Suppose you want to search for pictures of food on Instagram. For this, you have to search with #foodphotography or any other such hashtag. If you search this way, only the posts that have this hashtag will appear in the search results. Moreover, if you have an account with the same name on Instagram, you will see those accounts.

However, now that the keyword search feature does not have this hashtag in a post, you will still get the appropriate results if you search for specific words. This will make it easier to search for anything on Instagram.

A spokesperson for Instagram said that the keyword will be searched with the help of various types of content, time of posting, captions, etc. In addition, machine learning methods will be used to provide high-quality content. For now, posts can only be viewed in Grid View.

The new feature is currently available in the US, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Currently, this feature can only be used in English. It is hoped that this feature will be rolled out to other regions soon.