Find out what GB WhatsApp is and why it should not be used

Find out what GB WhatsApp is and why it should not be used
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Find out what GB WhatsApp is and why it should not be used

Whether it’s office work or virtual chat with friends, we now rely on WhatsApp for everything. As a result, as the number of users of this app, which is at the top of popularity, is going up, it is becoming a means of cheating by fraudsters and dishonest people. Just like recently known, an app called GB WhatsApp. The app has caused a lot of confusion due to the word ‘WhatsApp’ in the name. In addition, its functionality is similar to that of the original WhatsApp, so many people are now downloading it. Let me tell you, this is not a very secure app or software. So those of you who have downloaded this fake app called GB WhatsApp, uninstall it now. Otherwise, when your personal information becomes valuable, you will not even notice.

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GB WhatsApp can be called a clone or fake version of the original WhatsApp. Because, it uses the original or standard WhatsApp system codes, but without any official license. So there is a strong possibility that this app has a harmful virus or malware.

In this controversial GB WhatsApp, users get multiple benefits including chatting and calling, just like the original app. Not only that, but this clone app also provides users with customization facilities. It is also known that it has more advanced versions than the standard WhatsApp and app developers add new features to it almost every day. However, it is better not to fall into the trap of this feature. As mentioned earlier, this is a third-party clone app, so it can steal your personal information.

What are the disadvantages of using GB WhatsApp?

If you use a fake app called GB WhatsApp , your original WhatsApp account may be blocked. After all, this app is not available on the Google Play Store. So you have to download an APK file to install it, which is not very safe. To put it bluntly, downloading this clone app means giving others access to all the personal and bank or UPI information on your smartphone. So if you want to prevent your original WhatsApp from being blocked or prevent personal information from being leaked, don’t forget to download this GB WhatsApp app.

By the way, not only this GB WhatsApp, but also any other apps, which are not available in Google Play Store, it is better not to download them. Do not download any kind of APK file with. Safety standards do not exist in these types of apps.

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