For professional photography and videography enthusiasts, Vivo X50 is a great device, slim and slick design is also quite attractive.

Vivo X50 is a great device, slim and slick design is also quite attractive

When the smartphone gives a fast and smooth experience, then it becomes easier to use. Vivo has always been at the forefront in giving such an experience. Recently it has launched a premium smartphone called X50, which is a tremendous and balanced device. The biggest reason for this is its beautiful design and unmatched camera. For professional photography and videography enthusiasts, the Vivo X50 is a great device as it caters to all your needs for taking photos and making videos. Along with the camera, the design of the phone also affects greatly. The heart becomes happy by seeing or touching it. Apart from this, the smartphone is also equipped with a strong processor, bright display, fast charger, and powerful battery, which give excellent performance. The most important thing is this Made in India device. Meaning this device is made in India itself and it complies with all the rules and regulations prescribed by the Government of India and the concerned bodies. Let’s review how this device meets your needs.


Design is an important element in a smartphone. When the user buys a smartphone, then there are many questions in his mind, such as – How will the phone look, how much will the weight of the phone, how will the build quality, whether the grip will be good or not, etc. The Vivo X50 is one step ahead in design. Its slick, slim, and premium design attracts at first sight. The type of technology adopted in this phone for design makes this phone a masterpiece. This premium phone is quite handy. The curved display, curved rear glass panel, and metallic frame make it quite beautiful. Let us know what else is special in its design.

1. R3 Camera Matrix

The placement and design of the camera are heavily influenced by the Vivo X50. In the camera design, you will see the R3 round corner, which is quite sharp, slick, and premium. Looking at the design of the camera, you will feel that a lot of work has been done on it.

2. Dual tone step

The Vivo X50 is the first device in the industry to use dual-tone step design, which makes the phone look more slick and slim. This also brings out the overall design of this phone.

3. Bran

A unique bran has been given over the phone, which is a traditional X series signature look. It comes with a simple line and light reflection effect, written with ‘professional photography’. It is quite simple and creative and gives the phone a different look.

The rear and front of the phone have SCHOTT Xensation Up 3D Glass Protection, which protects the phone from any kind of scratch. The vivo X50 is available in two colors – Glaze Black and Frost Blue. Both colors are very beautiful.

The camera

The biggest feature of the Vivo X50 smartphone is its camera, which helps a lot in professional photography. The phone has a 48MP Sony IMX598 primary sensor with f / 1.6 aperture. In this you also get Axis OIS stabilization, close-loop motor and 7P lens. A lot of details are seen in the pictures taken from it. Its second camera is 13MP, which is a professional portrait camera. In this, you get 20X digital zoom and 50mm prime lens, which helps in taking great photos with Bokeh effect. Its third super wide-angle camera of 8MP takes good pictures of large area with 120 degree field of view. Apart from this, it also has a super macro camera of 5MP. For selfie and video calling, it also has a 32MP front selfie camera, which is quite sharp. Apart from all these, many such features have been given in the phone, which will not only give better experience while doing photography, but will also help you in professional photography.

1. Vivo X50 is superb in low light

The Vivo X50 has an OIS stabilization system, which increases stability and clarity when taking photos during low light or night by increasing exposure time via f / 1.6 aperture. Which brings Sharp and Clear photos taken at night. Apart from this, the IMX598 sensor in the phone increases the light and signal-to-noise ratio, so that the pictures taken at night come with quality. As the light in the camera becomes more, the shutter time decreases. With this you can take good pictures of the subject moving at night.

The vivo X50 comes with Super Night Mode 3.0, which comes in handy when there is complete darkness around the subject. For this, the hardware and software of the camera work together to increase the brightness around the subject. The larger aperture of 1.6 increases the exposure time, allowing more light to enter the camera, giving better and clearer images.

A feature called Extreme Night Vision has also been given in the phone. It takes photos in dark condition with the help of AI noise reduction algorithm and OIS. This makes the photo clear and reduces noise. With the help of this feature you can take pictures of caves, night islands and villages at night. It also has Astro Mode, which works in conjunction with Super Night mode, which captures stunning photos. To make night photos more creative and to give it a new look, it has a style Night filter, in which you will get filter options named Cyberpunk, Black Gold, Blue Ice and Green Orange, which will give you trendy and great experience. . This filter will be more useful for you when you are shooting at night in the city. Another feature of the camera that everyone likes is the portrait mode. vivo X50 has a night portrait mode. This mode takes tremendous pictures with the Bokeh effect while retaining the quality and tone.

2. Super Stable Motion Picture

When the subject is moving, taking pictures of it is something else. There are very few smartphones in which you can take clear photos of moving subjects and make videos. With the camera of Vivo X50, you can take motion snapshots without any delay. Your OIS and custom-made sensors will help in this.

The camera also has several modes that help in capturing moving subjects with good stability. One such mode is the Pro Sports mode, with the help of which you can take clear pictures by keeping the moving subject in focus. This mode is quite useful when walking, jogging, jumping and playing other sports. Apart from this mode, you can take pictures of young children and pets while playing. You can also make a motion video along with a motion picture. For this, OIS and Intelligent Motion AF are used, which will give you clear video focus while recording moving subjects.

Motion AF tracking is also provided in vivo X50 for photos and videos. With the help of this feature, any object in the frame can be taken into focus immediately. You can turn it into a subject with one tap. If the subject moves out of the frame and comes back again, the focus will remain. Through this feature, apart from people, you can continue to focus on any subject you choose. This feature is very useful for cats, dogs, cars or other subjects.

Like the video, in vivo X50 you can also track the sound of the subject. Actually this feature comes with three microphones, two for picking up the sound and one for tracking the sound, which can accurately detect the sound direction. When you select the subject, this feature will reduce the ambient sound and collect the sound of the subject. This feature is helpful in recording singing and dancing children. Couples and friends can make good vlogs using this feature.

Till now you had heard about zoom for photos and videos, but have you heard about audio zoom. The Vivo X50 allows you to audio zoom. When you zoom in while recording a video, this will amplify the sound 1x to 10x (up to 15dB). This feature is good enough to record audio sources remotely. Apart from this, it also has a feature called Smart Zoom. This feature helps focus, track and stabilize the subject, resulting in smooth and stable video clips for the users. In the phone, you get another feature called Instant Vlog, which helps in making short video clips.

3. 360 degree photography

With Vivo X50, you can enjoy all types of professional photography. With its help, you can easily take beautiful photos ranging from macro photos to extreme zoom and wide-angle. The 5MP macro camera can clearly focus at a distance of 1.5 cm. While the 8MP super wide angle lens gives a 120 degree field of view. From this, you can take seven pictures of details of large areas such as mountains, big buildings or standing on the height. For better photography experience, it has support for 2x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom. Apart from this, 50mm professional portrait lens provides natural pictures with bokeh effect. It also has a feature called Photo Restoration, which repairs and replaces your old and unique picture and turns it into high quality. With the help of this, you can make your old childhood photos clear without going to the studio. Like photo restoration, vivo X50 has another interesting feature. This feature called Shadow Removal removes shadows or shadows from photos with one click and gives you a clear photo. It also has editing tools called Cinematic Master, so that you can make good videos from RAW footage.

The display

The display of the Vivo X50 is quite bright and vivid, giving it a premium look. It has a 6.56 ”E3 Super AMOLED FHD + 2.5D Flat Ultra O display. It also comes with 2.8mm narrow black bezels and 92.8% screen-to-body ratio. This gives a great experience of watching videos and playing games. The phone also has a 90Hz refresh rate and a 180Hz response rate, which gives you a smooth and fast screen experience. To prevent the phone from heating up, VEG (vivo Energy Guardian) technology has also been provided in it.


The vivo X50 has a Snapdragon 730 processor, which gives strong performance and handles the daily tasks without lag. This is also good for gaming enthusiasts. You can easily play graphic games without any hindrance. It has the operating system of Funtouch OS 10.5, which is based on Android 10. The Vivo X50 has a 4200 mAh powerful battery, which has a 33 watt 2.0 flash charge support, which makes charging the phone faster.

Price and offers

The vivo X50 is available in two variants. The price of 8 + 128GB variant is Rs. 34,990, while the price of 8 + 256GB variant is Rs. 37,990. This phone is available on online platforms and offline stores. Talking about offers, you can get cashback of up to Rs 2800 on 6, 9 and 12 months No Coast EMI on HDFC cards. Apart from this phone you can also get 65% Assured Buyback and Upgrade Bonus up to Rs 3000 on the “Vivo Rewards & Upgrade” application. You can also get one time screen replacement from the official service center of Vivo by paying Rs. 1990 within 6 months. All these offers are valid till 31 August 2020.

Finally, we will say that not only does the Vivo X50 impress with its design, but its camera will completely change your experience of photography and videography so far. There are many such software with tremendous hardware in the camera, which will help you to take professional photos and make videos. Apart from the camera, the processor, display, battery and super fast charger of this phone also help a lot by giving you premium and flagship experience.

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