Free Fire Ban but why Battlegrounds Mobile India is not banned? What is the real secret?

Free Fire broke this incredible record

Free Fire Ban but why Battlegrounds Mobile India is not banned? What is the real secret?

Yesterday, 54 applications were banned by the Indian government. These include the more popular Battle Royale game Garena Free Fire. They also have several types of cameras. However, many have been shocked by the ban on Garina Free Fire. Because the parent company of this game Garina is actually a company from Singapore. Many are claiming that the information that is coming up for connection with China is not correct at all. It also says that if Garina Freefire is banned then how does Battlegrounds Mobile India survive on Google Play Store! Now we will know several reasons for this.

Battlegrounds Mobile  – Why not ban from India? What is the real secret?

1. There was only one reason for banning Pubji Mobile. That is the connection with China. In fact, a Chinese company, called Tencent, was responsible for Pubji Mobile Distribution. And for that reason, Pubji Mobile was banned in our country. That’s why Crafton severed all ties with Tencent to bring Pubji Mobile back later. And this game called Battle Ground Mobile India was launched in India. And Krafton is responsible for the distribution. So far this game has come out of the problem of connection with China.

2. The next important thing that Battlegrounds Mobile India is following is to store all the information of these game players locally. Earlier, a lot of information about Indian users was stored on many servers in China. For which there was a big objection from the Government of India. It was suspected that storing information in this way could lead to hacking or misuse. That is why Crafton has not made that mistake in Battlegrounds Mobile India. They are storing all the information on the soil of the country from now on. So there is no chance of sharing Indian information with China.

3. In addition to all these problems, there were many more problems with banning Pubji Mobile. In which there was a demand that the youth of the country is moving towards decline. It was claimed that the game was spreading violence among all. There were reports that many people were playing this game for hours without the permission of their parents. Which is kind of unhealthy.

Many changes have been made in Battlegrounds Mobile India to address these issues. The benefits of parental control have been introduced. Even the word ‘kill’ was not used in the game. The word ‘finish’ has been used instead. The color of blood has also been changed to green. Important features like a time limit have been added. Repeatedly it is said that this is actually a game in a virtual world and there is no real similarity with it.

Also, anyone under the age of 18 needs parental permission to play this game. At the same time, spending more than Rs 7,000 per day on Battlegrounds Mobile India has also been stopped. So all the bad aspects of this game that were highlighted, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been launched in our country by resisting them. So it is believed that Battlegrounds Mobile India has been launched by tying all these eight ghats. And this is why this game was not banned.

However, it is good to know that if there is any problem with the users or if the government of India thinks about any problem then this game may be called again at any time. Krafton had previously been told to be prepared for such a summons.

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