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Galaxy A72 Review: Samsung is strengthening its hold in the mid-range segment

Galaxy A72
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Galaxy A72 Review: Samsung is strengthening its hold in the mid-range segment

Galaxy A72 Review: Samsung’s mid-range smartphone. Will you be able to compete with other high end processor smartphones in this segment?

Samsung’s Galaxy A series has been very important for the company. Ever since the company launched the M and A-series, the company has gained a good hold in almost every segment in the Indian market.

Recently, the company has changed the design of the Galaxy A series. Galaxy A72 will also get a new design here too. Recently I have reviewed the Galaxy A52, which looks exactly like this. However, apart from the size, many things are different.

In this review, we know about Galaxy A72. Where the phone fits, where it has faded and if you buy this smartphone, what kind of deal will it prove for you.

Galaxy A72 – Look-Feel and Display

Galaxy A72 is a large size phone in terms of size. There is a plastic design that means the back panel will be made of plastic. Samsung has started giving plastic back instead of glass, changing its strategy for some time.

Even Samsung has given plastic back in its flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, we cannot compare this phone with him.

However, it seems decent to look at the phone and it is not very heavy. The phone is not too thick or too thin. Due to the plastic back, it does not attract fingerprints.

If you do not have much trouble with the plastic back, then you will find that this phone looks good. The grip is good and the phone feels good in terms of this segment.

The Galaxy A72 has a large 6.7-inch AMOLED display. Here you also get support of 90Hz refresh rate. The display is bright and also good in terms of gaming. The viewing angle is also correct and there is no problem in viewing the contents of the screen even in the outdoor.

The display of the Galaxy A72 is sufficiently bright as you need it. 800 nits is peak brightness. Thin bezels will be found all around the display. The cutout for the selfie camera is given in the top center. Here you do not get the support of HDR which should have been.

Galaxy A72 – Performance and Software

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G has been given in the Galaxy A72. It has been introduced up to 12GB RAM and 256GB storage variants. This phone has Android 11 based OneUI 3.1.

In terms of daily tasks, we did not face any problem in using this phone. The phone works smoothly and the apps respond fast. Switching from one app to another is also fast.

There are many features in the company’s own custom OS that will work for you. For example, you can customize the edge panel according to your need. Here compass, ruler, surface level, flashlight and tally counter can be used.

The phone has an under-display fingerprint scanner which is not very fast. Many apps are already installed on the phone which can be called bloatware, I personally dislike them. Users should be given a choice as to which apps they should use and which apps do not.

Talking about gaming, there is no problem with this too, it runs well. Although it is not a gaming phone, the phone will get hot after playing for a long time and a performance issue may come later.

With one hand you can use this phone only when your palm is large. The taboo: To perform most tasks, you will have to use a second hand.

Galaxy A72 – How do the photos look?

The Galaxy A72 has four rear cameras. The primary lens is 64 megapixels, the other is an 8 megapixel telephoto lens. There is a 12 megapixel ultra wide lens and a 5 megapixel macro lens.

The good thing is that it does not have a 5 megapixel depth sensor, because nowadays the depth sensor has become a marketing tool. But still this phone has a macro lens which is more of a marketing gimmick. Its use is less.

Bahrahal, the pictures clicked with the primary camera are good. The good thing is that the camera of this phone performs well not only outdoor but also indoors.

Colors of photos look good and real. There is no dearth of details in photos. However, you will definitely see a lack of details in outdoor photos clicked in low light or at night.

Talking about wide-angle, you get good area coverage here. The quality is also found to be fine, but you cannot use it for print or for good quality photos.

Talking about the telephoto lens, it is useful for you. You can zoom up to 30X, but there is no use. Photos are of no use, they are named. However, 10x zoom is good and you can use these photos on social media as well.

Talking about the macro lens, it is a timepass in a way. It takes a little time to set focus closely. Macro photography is in trend nowadays and if you are found then you have many more options. This phone serves the purpose in terms of the macro.

As far as the night mode is concerned, here also the camera of this phone works well. Although many times you will notice grains in the pictures, despite this many times it also clicks very good pictures on the night mode.

Galaxy A72 – Battery Backup?

Galaxy A72 has a battery of 5,000mAh. With this, a 25W fast charger has also been provided. It takes 1.5 hours to be fully charged, which is not low. If you want a fast-charging phone, then it is not for you.

As far as battery backup is concerned, it will give a backup of 1 day in normal use. My wish for normal use is that mixed-use. That means everything on the phone a little. Social media, listening to songs, watching videos, calling, and light gaming.

On heavy use, you will have to charge it till nightfall.

Galaxy A72 – Bottom Line

Galaxy A72 will be better for those who like Samsung. Likes Samsung’s software. You may like the design of the phone, but avoiding the plastic design, then it is not for you.

The phone has an IP67 rating, which means it is also somewhat water and dust-proof. However, lack of HDR support in the display and lack of fast charge also makes this phone a little faded in this segment. In this segment, high-end smartphones will also be available in this segment.

Rating – 7.5 / 10

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