Good News for iOS users: Google Stadia will officially support safari in iOS 14

Google Stadia

Launched over a year ago, Stadia is only officially available on Android, the web, and Chromecast. Support for Safari in iOS 14 The new code indicates official support, so it looks like Stadia will soon be choosing its first additional platforms for the iPhone and iPad.

Since Stadia has a web-based web application, it may come as no surprise that iOS supports it that way. When the stadium first launched, the Safari version with iOS 13 did not have the web features needed to run the stadium well.

It replaced iOS 14 with other browser browsers such as Stadium (still based on a WebKit like Safari). However, the main thing these apps still have to do is change the user agent – the way the browser identifies itself to websites – disguised as the desktop version of Google Chrome. This step is necessary because Stadia’s web application currently only officially supports Google Chrome on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux.

According to changes in the code of the stadium’s web application, this will soon change, as Gem Stadium discovered.

In the short but sweet Tiarda own video, we see a very clear indication to play the stadium in the new browser, not in any other chromium-based browser like Chrome or Edge. More specifically, according to Gem Stadia’s description, the new code provides clear instructions for “Safari,” “iPod” and “iPhone”.

We & # 39; ve come to Google to verify that such proper iOS support for the stadium has been developed and tested, and will update this article with more details.

Launched by Amazon Luna with Day 1 support for iOS, Google may have rebuilt Google’s efforts to turn stadiums into reality for iOS, as well as use the browser to play. Apple has started its guidelines for requesting game streaming services in the App Store to submit each streaming title individually through the App Store review.

Unfortunately, it’s too early to tell when it will be official when playing stadium games on iOS, as it depends on some of the lessons in the web application. Considering the success of the stadium, turning the Google switch to allow the safari is not too scary, but the features of the stadium seem to be coming out gradually and carefully.

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