Good News for WhatsApp Users as their account will not be delete after 15th May


Even if you do not follow the new policy after May 15, the account will not be deleted, said WhatsApp

I hope everyone remembers how much confusion there was with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy at the beginning of the year. The instant messaging platform, owned by Facebook, was temporarily suspended from implementing the new policy at the time, but they set May 15 as the final date for implementation. In that case, the month of May arrived on the calendar page a week ago; As a result, WhatsApp’s new terms are only a few days away. But for those who have not yet complied with these terms and clicked the ‘Agree’ button and are wondering if they will lose their WhatsApp account in a week’s time – there is great news for them today. In fact, after trying to increase the trust of users by publishing various notifications in the past weeks, WhatsApp has suddenly taken a U-turn! In a statement, the company made it clear that no account will be deleted unless users adopt a new privacy policy by May 15.

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According to a report by The Next Web, WhatsApp recently reported that while some users have accepted the terms of the new service without hesitation, many have not yet responded positively. In that case, praising all the users who have agreed to the privacy policy, the company has announced that no account will be deleted on 15th May due to this update or users will not lose the validity of their account. Even after that day, the company will give reminders to the users to accept the policy for the next few weeks.

Interestingly, this messaging medium reported last February that the account would be deleted if the new privacy policy was not followed. Meanwhile, after hearing about the company’s decision, many claim that it will track users’ personal data, device status or WhatsApp messages / calls / media and hand over that information to a third party company. Then the tune of WhatsApp changed under pressure; repeatedly they try to convince the users that this kind of thinking is completely unfounded and it does not monitor the user’s movements in any way.

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But despite the controversy, the company is embroiled in legal complications in many countries. In this case, the use of rival applications such as Signal and Telegram is greatly increased. Let’s see how users react to WhatsApp’s new decision or what action the company will take after the 15th.

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