Google Chromecast
Image Credit by “Google Chromecast”

The new Chromecast will launch on September 30 at the Google Hardware Event. We have already seen the device appear in multiple leaks, now someone bought it from Walmart.

The latest leak comes from Redditor u/fuzztub07, which is the new Chromecast from Walmart. Bought for 49.98 (approximately $ 7,700). Reddit also posted a video showing the redesigned Google TV interface as well as Chromecast images. For those unfamiliar, Google Tools can be started as “Google Chromecast for Google TV”.

The images reveal a design similar to the recently leaked Chromecast. In the box, you will find the USB Type-C streaming dongle, adapter, and cable. The bundled remote is called the “Chromecast Voice Remote”. The image of its manual shows the remote buttons and their functions. There are special buttons for Google Assistant, YouTube, and Netflix. This is the first time the remote has been introduced for the Google Chromecast.

Based on the video that shows the Google TV interface, Assistant-powered search, we can find different tabs for a category, movies, shows, apps, and library for you. There are two types of gaming – one can be played remotely and the other with a gamepad. The Google TV interface displays multiple applications, recommendations, art-based movies and shows, and more. Some other things Redditor points out are that it ensures 4K / HDR support, no Ethernet port, multiple account support, and paired Bluetooth headphones.

The latest leak in Google Chromecast is very detailed because it comes from experience. There is still a lot to learn about the new Chromecast when Google launches next week.