Google Duo adds new caption features to video calling
Google has introduced a very special ‘caption’ feature for its video calling app Google Duo. With the help of these features, users will now be able to use captions in calling as well. Explain that this feature will only work on recorded video and voice messages. Users will not be able to use it on live video calls. For users, the ‘caption’ feature will be a very different experience and in this, you will be able to send captions with voice messages and if the voice message is not clear then the users will be able to read the caption and understand what you want to say?

Let us know that Google has shared information about the new feature added to Google Duo through its official Twitter account. It has also explained how it can be used. A demo video has also been shared on Twitter for this. It has been said in the video that this feature will be used especially in places where there is more noise and the sound of your voice message or recorded video is not heard clearly. In this case, you can use the caption feature.

When you play any voice message or video sent to Google Duo, you will see the option of ‘Caption’ at the very top of the call button at the bottom of the screen. You will see a message written in the caption on it. This means that if you are not listening to the clear voice in the video, then you will be able to read the caption and understand the message comfortably. However, it is not yet officially clear whether the new features will be available for both Android and iOS platforms. Make it clear that the caption features are completely different from the Live Captions feature rolled out in Pixel phones.