Google introduced special feature, now notifications will not be visible during screen sharing


Google introduced special feature, now notifications will not be visible during screen sharing

Often, the notifications coming to your device are visible to everyone while sharing the screen on video calling. Many of these also contain your personal messages. To overcome this problem of users, Google has introduced a new one.

When you share the screen during video calling on Google, pop-up notifications on the show on your screen are visible to everyone. In such a situation, Google has introduced a very special feature for its users, after which users will be able to hide notifications on the Google Chrome browser during screen sharing. After hiding, your pop up notifications will not be visible in screen sharing.

Pop-up notifications will not appear in screen sharing

Google has shared information about the new feature through its blog. Which has been reported that notifications to show in Google Chrome during video calls will not appear in screen sharing. Users can turn off notifications appearing in screen sharing at their convenience. Once the screen sharing is over, all the notifications that came during that time will start appearing on the desktop. The company says that this new feature will not completely close pop-up notifications, but Chrome will provide information that a new notification has arrived while keeping the personal message intact. This means that no one will be able to see your personal notifications during screen sharing.

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This message will be seen during screen sharing

Google has informed about it through a video along with information on the new feature on its blog. It has been told that when users share their screens during their video calling, then you will have a notification show in front of which your notifications have been removed. The message said, ‘You are sharing your screen so your content is hidden’. If users want, you can click on the option ‘Show All’ to see the notifications.

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