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Google Photos Modification Influences One Billion Users released in Next week

Google Photos Modification Influences One Billion Users released in Next week

Check out which Google Photos Modification have done now. Google has introduced a new design for its Photos app. This app has been changed a lot already.

Google Photos has been refreshed and Google photos modification have made. The legendary tech company Google has introduced a new design for photos. Now, a new map feature, a new icon, and three tabs have been included to organize the photos. With one billion users, Google Photos is one of the most popular apps for storing photos.

What’s New in Google Photos?

Simple Design:

The new three-tab layout has been used with new app photos, search and library pages. Photos and videos are now main. After this update, the photos will now look a bit bigger and now there will be less space between them. The Photos tab has also been updated with larger thumbnails and auto-playing videos. In the new update, Google has also paid special attention to search.


Last year Google introduced the Memories feature. With this, users are able to see the photos taken some time ago in today’s date. Now Google has added some more types of memory. Now it will show a good picture of you, your friends and family for a few years. Also, it will also show the highlight of the previous week.

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Map View:

Google has now also added a map view to photos. Now you can easily interact with the map and zoom to see where you have clicked the photos. To use this feature, you have to enable some location-related functions.

Library Tab:

Google has also added a new Library tab to Photos. You can see your albums here.

When will the new app come?

Google has said that the new Photos app for Android and iOS will come by next week.

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