Google Workspace and Google Chat are now for everyone

Google Workspace and Google Chat are now for everyone

Google Workspace and Google Chat are now for everyone

Google has opened Google Workspace and Google Chat for its users. All Google Account users will now be able to use Google Workspace, G Suite. With this update, Google users will now be able to access more new systems in Google Apps, including Gmail, Docs, Chat, Meet, Drive, and Sheets. All these apps can now be used in one tab.

Previously, the Google Workspace and Chat feature were only available to its paid users, especially Office users. According to Google, about two billion users are using the Google workspace so far. Since June 14, Google has made this feature available to all individual users. To use the new features, go to Gmail settings and enable the chat and meet options.

Similarly, Google Workspace Individual has been introduced for individual users. Users will be able to use their own workspace with additional features, such as smart booking services, professional video meetings, and personalized email marketing, by paying $9.99 per month to their regular account. For now, Google has made it possible to upgrade an individual subscription to a starting price of $ 7.77.

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Google has also announced that it will soon introduce Google Chat Room as “Space”. Space and chat rooms will not be much different, but Google claims that space and chat rooms will be different depending on the work. According to Google, there will be some changes in the space including message thread, user rolls, moderation tools, and new emoji reactions will also be added. Google has said that it will bring it to the users soon after completing the necessary preparations for space.

Similarly, Google is now targeting large companies in the workspace to include enterprise options. This means that companies will now share files on the drive and perform activities including client data encryption with more security.

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Over the past few months, Google has been rapidly updating its workspace. And in these updates, Google seems to be focusing on improving its products and how to keep all of those products connected.

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