Google’s new safety control feature, How can you delete Google search history with one click

Delete Google Search History

Google has released a variety of new safety controls for all of its platforms through I / O 2021. In the new option of the company, a quick delete option can be found.

This will allow users to delete the last 15 minutes of search history with a single tap on their Google Accounts menu. The company believes that this feature will be very useful for users.

This feature will help the user to keep their personal information safe. Users will find this new Quick Delete feature in Google search settings. Clicking once will delete the last 15 minutes of search history.

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This feature of the company will be available to all users in the coming days. In addition, Google will bring another feature. It will have a folder locked from a passcode in Google Photos. This feature will be very useful for users who are worried about their personal photos being seen by others.

The company will no longer see photos when users scroll to their grid or shared albums. This feature will first appear in Google Pixel. This feature can then be used on all Android phones within a year.

Google has also added a safety control feature called Location History Reminder within the map. With the help of this feature, the user will be able to see the location where they have reached in their timeline.

Users will be able to see this location on Google Maps. Google has brought this feature to inform that location history is on. In addition, there will be a new privacy dashboard in the form of Google Android 12. In which the user will see a timeline.

The app will tell you when you have access to the camera, microphone, or device location. This will be seen as an indicator when using a device camera or microphone.

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In addition to the option to disable it, Google will also give users the option to share their approximate location in an app in addition to the correct location.

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