How has Blogging Evolved in the Last Few Years?


how blogging has evolved

Blogging has evolved a lot over the years this evolution has taken place in the equivalent of a blink of an eye- the first blog hit screens back in 1994. But a lot has happened in the past few decades that have changed blogging in different ways.

These changes have affected the format and style of blogging; they have not really changed the core function of a blog. Blogs remain a place for people to create and post content they want, and they continue to be a source of information and entertainment for users all across the world.

Apart from the changes, blogging has become very popular in a relatively short period. The main reason why this concept is getting popular so rapidly because blogs help satisfy the fundamental human need to connect with other human beings and also they have played a major role in the growth of the digital world.

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Here is a rundown of the biggest changes that happened in the blogging world and how blogging has evolved in the last few years:


Vlogging is another advanced variation in the blogging world; it was introduced in the early 2000s and soon became an essential part of blogging. As the name suggests, video blogging is referred to when videos are posted instead of texts; rest vlogging is similar to traditional blogging except few.

The obvious difference between video content and traditional content is that vlogging allows the blogger to do much and to create more visual and engaging content.

The first time, a video blog appeared in the year 2004 when bloggers started posting video content to their sites. But, video blogging really took off after 2005 when YouTube was launched.

This video platform made it super easy for people to upload and share their video blogs. It brought great transformation in the blogging field and the success of video blogging helped turn YouTube into one of the most visited websites across the world.

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Long and more In-depth Post

A few years back, it was common practice to create short, snappy content averaging around 500 to 700 words. But today, your blog post should be 900+ words.

As competition is increasing day by day, longer, more in-depth content does a better job of providing the reader with valuable information and resources. Long-form content has excellent SEO benefits because it provides substantive answers to people’s questions.

However, you need to keep in mind that longer content does not necessarily mean better content. You need to make some efforts to make your content more substantive than your competitors. Include infographics, Slideshare, and other visual content to make your content more appealing. Instead of writing short content, combine smaller topics into a larger blog post.

Overall, blogging has become more polished and professional as it has become a viable platform for businesses. Change is constant, blogging will continue to change as the web and digital marketing continues to evolve.


Microblogging is essentially the same concept as blogging, it allows people to share their opinions, thoughts, and ideas on the digital community and get response and commentary to it. The only difference between blogging and microblogging is that while blogging is focused on long and in-depth content, microblogging focuses on shorter content.

Twitter and Tumblr are two major microblogging sites. Twitter was launched in the year 2006. It has a unique concept that limits people to 140 characters, meaning you need to be as concise as possible when sharing something on the web. Now the limit has been increased to 280 characters but the purpose remains the same.

Content Promotion

There was a time when it was quite easy to attract and build a blog audience.

As content marketing has grown in popularity, so has the sheer amount of resources available for people. Today, standing out has become tougher than ever in this highly-competitive information-dense world. And this is the reason why content promotion has become vital to blogging and content marketing success.

Email marketing and social media both have always been a powerful tool for promoting content, but now marketers are even advertising and spreading content through pay-per-click campaigns and social media advertising.

Try new and innovative ways to promote your content to get in front of your audience. Reach out to your friends, fellow influencers and media to get the word out about your content. Today, most social networks offer an advertising platform where you can promote your content through advertising to get it in front of people.

Email Marketing

Now, bloggers do not completely depend on search engines for traffic, email has become a great way to build a stream of traffic. You can understand the efficiency of email marketing by the fact that every time you send out an email, you get a little boost of traffic from people who already know who you are.

Selling Own Products

Affiliate marketing and advertising, are the two main ways by which bloggers make money. Another emerging way you can generate extra income through your blog is to sell your own product. Creating and selling your own product is a far more stable and lucrative stream of income than an affiliate mainly if you have built up a list.

Product may take longer to make but you keep 100% of the revenue. With this, you can stay away from the level of competition you will face if you promote an affiliate product.


Finally, the Future of Blogging

There are no exact facts to tell where blogging will go from here. In the last few decades, blogs have transformed from being small lists of links to full-fledged business and so much more.

However, the main purpose of a blog has remained the same, it allows people to express themselves and readers get resources.

It will never happen that people will stop expressing themselves or others will stop looking for information, meaning the blog will remain in our lives. How things will change in the coming years, it will be interesting to see and experience.