How to find your lost iPhone with the help of Google Assistant

How to find your lost iPhone with the help of Google Assistant? The new features has just lunched by Google Assistant. Google Assistant has been announced to offer Google Assistant with a feature which will enable iPhone users to find their lost iPhone. This feature have been using by Android users for a long time. According to the recent published news on MacRumors, there will be the same features as Apple’s On Find My System, which will be introduced for the iPhone.

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Smart speaker will be needed

As said on that report, this facility will only available those users who will have Google Assistant supported smart speakers and Google Home App for iOS will be able to take the benefit of this feature. Then anyone can be able to locate their lost devices. With the help of Google smart home devices, when asked, O Google, Find My Phone, after that it will be alerted to user. After this, Google Home App will send an iOS critical alert message or notification with loud noise on iPhone.

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Will need special permission from apple

Apple can utilize this alarm sent as extraordinary notices, which can be braked through Silence Mode or Do Not Disturb to guarantee that it has reached at the user’s device. Apps with critical alerts will need to get special approval from Apple and it seems that Google has achieved this approval.

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