[How To] Find your lost smartphone by IMEI Number; This is the easy way out 2021

IMEI number
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Find your lost smartphone by IMEI Number; This is the easy way out

More than 7 crore mobile phones are missing worldwide, according to research. This lost phone also includes a stolen, forgotten phone somewhere. Phone not available due to lack of GPS location and internet access. Nowadays smartphones are not only used for photos, songs, videos but all the private details, documents, bank details are kept on the phone. Many bank accounts, social media accounts are also saved on the phone. This information can also be misused after losing such a phone. IMEI number is required to find a lost mobile. This number helps to track a mobile phone.

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To get this IMEI Number on an Android phone, one has to type a code in the dial pad and press the call button on the mobile phone. Dial * # 06 # to get your phone’s IMEI Number. You can also get this number by clicking on About Phone in the settings of the Android mobile phone. This number is also on the packaging of the phone.

How is a mobile tracked by IMEI number?

IMEI Number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit code, authorized by GSMA. This number is your phone’s identity card. When a phone is used to receive calls, send messages, and receive messages on a network, the IMEI number is automatically tracked.

Apart from that many people also use Bluetooth tracker GPS locator in their phone, through which smartphone can be located. But it can only track the phone for some distance.

Can the IMEI number be changed?

IMEI number can be changed. If this number cannot be tracked after the phone is stolen, it is likely to have been replaced. Flasher connects the mobile phone to the computer and modifies the IMEI Number. This number is also blocked.


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