How to Get Free Internet on Android Without Service – 100% Safe & Easy Ways

How to Get Free Internet on Android Without Service

Can you imagine your life without your smartphone? If you are reading this, you most certainly cannot! That would not be a life worth living, would it? So, learn how to get free internet on Android without even having a service. Even when you don’t have a data plan on your smartphone, it is possible to continue to have working internet.

Using the internet over our smartphones is more of a necessity today. We conduct a number and a variety of activities using our smartphones on a daily basis. Right from checking the news and staying connected with friends and family, to playing games and accessing emails – we simply cannot imagine not being able to do them without our smartphones.

The internet is a powerhouse of information. Information in all forms and types is available over the internet, and thus, staying connected is essential in today’s day and age. If you think about the indispensability of the internet in our lives, you should have knowledge about how to get free internet on your Android device even when there is no service. No data plan? No problem!

Advantages of free internet on Android without service

Before going into details, look at the several benefits of having free internet access on Android without a data plan or service. Free internet does have its advantages. Here they are:

  1. You will not have to spend a single penny. The internet you use will be entirely free of charge.
  2. The set-up process is simple and easy to follow.
  3. There will be no firewall and no website or content will be blocked due to regulation. So this will provide you unrestricted access.
  4. You do not need to do any kind of “hacking” or have any extensive technical knowledge to be able to pull this off.
  5. Your device will be fully safe from viruses.

What do you need?

To access free internet on Android without service, you need to have an Android devicesmartphone or tablet. These steps will work with any version of Android.

You need to have an active data plan with zero balance. The balance on your mobile phone should also be zero.

Ways to get free internet on Android without service

Listed below are the several ways how you can get  free internet on Android without service:

  1. Use a VPN

You can get free internet by signing up for a free Wi-Fi service available in several public places like restaurants, railway platforms, airports, etc. But if you use a free Wi-Fi service, the privacy of your device is automatically compromised because you don’t know how many devices it is connected to. To avoid falling prey to hackers or cybercriminals, use a VPN when using free Wi-Fi service.

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network will not only allow you to use the free Wi-Fi without any problem but also protect your identity and device. VPN will protect your data as well, and no one will learn anything about your internet activity. A VPN is free, safe, secure, and keeps your identity, internet activity, and location hidden so you can continue to enjoy free internet on your Android without service.

  1. HotSpot & Wi-Fi

You can use free apps like iPhone HotSpot Finder and other similar apps on Google Play Store to look for free HotSpots and Wi-Fi networks to connect to. Download and install them on your device. If you connect to a Wi-Fi network that asks for a password, download the app Wi-Fi Password. It will create a key for a free Wi-Fi network so you are able to use it to access free internet on your Android device.

You can also download the popular app Avast Wi-Fi Finder to look for available Wi-Fi networks anywhere. This will help you use free internet on your smartphone whenever wherever.

  1. Data saving / earning apps

There are several apps available for free on the Google Play Store that allows you to save data on your smartphone or to amass unused data so you can use them later. For example, the Databack app helps you save up to 400 GB data on your smartphone, irrespective of whether you are using 2G, 3G, or 4G. You can use this saved data to recharge your or your friend’s or family member’s phone too. There is a reference plan that helps you earn additional data every time you recharge.

Other apps like Gigato, KickBit, Swagbucks, and Mcent helps you earn internet data by answering surveys and through referrals. Look for any of these apps on Google Play Store and you will also see a list of related apps that you can check out.