Easy Solutions How to install Wi-Fi Driver in Linux Mint 19


Easy Solutions How to install Wi-Fi Driver in Linux Mint 19

how to install Wi-Fi Driver in Linux Mint 19

How to install Wi-Fi Driver in Linux Mint 19 The main problem that arises while trying to set up your Wi-Fi driver in Linux Mint 19 is that the most optimized drivers do not always come up at once. But if you were already using an older version of Linux and have just upgraded, try updating your kernel. That should solve the problem right away.

With Hardware Enablement (HWE) now available, the set-up process itself is simple and easy to follow. As far as the hardware components are concerned, current Linux distributions already come with good support right out of the box. But to ensure that the drivers for your devices are the most current and updated ones, you need to install the Wi-Fi drivers in the correct manner.

Manual installation

Some computers have built-in Wi-Fi adapters. So if you choose to install Linux Mint on them, the adapters are supposed to automatically detect it. Sometimes, however, the adaptor may not be detected on its own, so you need to manually set it up.

Old Apple computers or MacBooks have wireless controllers which may not be detected automatically when you install Linux 19 on them. Rest assured, the operating system is perfectly compatible with the adapters already on your system. All you need to do is reconcile them. There is a simple solution here: access a wired internet connection for a few minutes and follow the below steps after installing Linux Mint:

  1. Find a wired internet connection like a LAN or any other network cable and connect it to your computer.
  2. In Linux Mint, launch the Applications Menu.
  3. Under Administration, select “Driver Manager.” Enter your password. You should see a driver for your wireless adapter in the list of driver components displayed.
  4. Under Broadcom Corporation, choose bcmwl-kernel-source. Always go for the recommended option. 

Linux 19 should restart at this point. The Wi-Fi driver should be updated and work perfectly once your system boots up again.

These steps will update your driver, given that all the hardware components work well. But sometimes, this process might not work. What to do then?

External adapter

The manual installation process above is a generic approach to solve all driver-related issues for Linux 19. Wireless adapters should work fine with this approach. But sometimes, the adapter on your system may simply refuse to work even if you have followed all the steps correctly. Many Wi-Fi adapters face problems especially with Linux 19, but there is always a solution. The best and simplest solution to deal with this problem is to buy an external Wi-Fi adapter that is compatible with Linux. These adapters are quite economical too.

If you purchase an external adapter, make sure it is compatible with Linux and has the right chipset that will make your Wi-Fi experience smooth. Look out for any of the following chipsets which have proven to be the best and are top-rated: Ralink 3070, Ralink RT5572, Atheros AR9271, and Realtek 8187.

Hardware solutions

Either of the two solutions, manual or external adapter, might not be feasible for some users. Your working place may be fixed and you may not have access to a wired connection. In such cases, you can opt for other hardware solutions to deal with the issue.

Install a Wi-Fi range extender that supports ethernet. Connect the extender to your Wi-Fi network and then you can use the ethernet cable to connect to your computer.

You may also use a Passthrough Powerline Wi-Fi kit that enables internet connection through electrical wires. Use an ethernet cable in such a case and connect to your computer. That should solve the Wi-Fi driver problem.

In this way, you will get the solution of how to install Wi-Fi Driver in Linux Mint 19

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