How to keep backups on your Smartphone’s Important Data, Data will be Safe even when Lost


How to keep backups on your Smartphone's Important Data, Data will be safe even when lost

How to keep backups on your Smartphone’s Important Data, Data will be safe even when lost

Nowadays, most people even keep important information on their phones. But what if the phone is stolen or lost?

In this way, all the data on the phone can be lost. If you keep a backup of that data, you will be able to safely get back your important photos, videos, files, and other information, even if the phone is lost or stolen.

Cloud storage is available for data backup on both iPhone and Android Smartphones. In which certain space is given free of cost.

If you use an iPhone, you can back up up to five GB of data to iCloud for free. Similarly, Google has been providing 15 GB for free on its Google Drive for Android devices.

If you need more space than the limit provided for free, you have to pay. You can use this app to keep your data backed up in this kind of cloud.

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Super Backup and Restore

If you are looking for a backup option for Android smartphones, you can use the Super Backup and Restore app. It allows users to backup all types of data such as app data, contact data, call logs, SMS, local files.

This will allow you to back up data on your memory card. It also has an automatic scheduling feature for backups without the hassle of manually backing up. You can manage the backup by going to the settings of the app. Click here to download this app.

SMS Backup and Restore

Sometimes even when changing phones, if you do not have a backup of text messages, it is difficult to see old messages. So you can use this app to keep SMS as a backup.

This app also has the facility to integrate with an email account, Google Drive, Dropbox. It has the facility to backup SMS, MMS, call logs, etc. in XML format. It also has the option of a local device for backup.

From which you can choose options like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive for automatic backup. This app can be easily used on Android Five or later newer smartphones. Click here to download this app.

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G Cloud Backup

The main feature of this app is that it can back up the entire Android smartphone. This app has the facility to backup app data, videos, music, SMS, documents, etc.

This app also has an auto-backup feature and you can take the help of the auto-schedule feature for that. Not only this, with the help of Camera, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. photos and videos can be backed up.

The app also features secure data transfer and passcode protection. Click here to download this app.

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