How to know if the phone has been hacked? Learn what to do if hacked


How to know if the phone has been hacked ?How to know if the phone has been hacked

How to know if the phone has been hacked? Learn what to do if hacked

From different companies to ordinary people, today everyone is a target of hackers. As the country goes digital, hackers are expanding their reach. As a result, smartphone or profile hacking is always in the headlines. But most of the time, users are not able to detect the theft of data from their devices. Therefore, they are facing huge financial losses. Even hackers have become so skilled at this task that they have the ability to remotely control mobile phone cameras. Which is enough to interfere in private life! So today we are going to tell you some ways in which you can know if your device has been hacked. So let’s get to know these ways.

These 5 signs will tell you if your mobile has been hacked

1. Dozens of batteries will drain

It is true that the battery capacity of a smartphone decreases over time, but this process is usually time-consuming. So if the battery life of your device suddenly starts draining too much, then the phone may be hacked. The reason for this symptom of rapid battery drain is that such incidents occur only if malicious software sent by a hacker is always active in the background of the device.

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2. Will affect device performance

Recently, if the web page on your mobile does not load properly or the handset is working at a slow speed, then you need to understand that the performance of your device is being affected for some reason. In that case, it is possible that your device has been hacked and malicious software is always running in the background. This type of software will steal your invisible mobile data, files, and even pictures, even using your mobile system resources.

3. Unknown and suspicious pop-ups or ads will appear

Have you recently noticed any kind of anonymous and suspicious pop-ups or ads while using Google, Twitter, or Facebook? Be careful if you see. Because Play Store Certified apps will never send you a pop-up notification to install anti-virus or any tool. So if you come across this kind of malicious pop-up or ad, then you must understand that your mobile phone has been infected by adware or hacked in simple words.

4. Mobile apps may not work properly or unfamiliar apps may appear

Apps like WhatsApp or Instagram that you use regularly, if you freeze (stuck), or stop working for no reason, but worry. You may have a malicious software ambush on your device that is running out of memory using your mobile system’s resources. And when the device memory is reduced, the apps will stop working normally.

5. Internet data usage will increase exponentially

A device infected with adware starts downloading malware using a malicious server to keep itself updated at all times. The malware also sends hackers personal data such as mobile user contacts, photos, and files. And it uses your own mobile data or Wi-Fi to accomplish this whole task. As a result, it is normal to consume excessive data. So if there is a sudden increase in data consumption on your device, then you need to understand that someone else is operating your mobile from behind the scenes.

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What should be done to protect the device from hackers?

There are a few things to keep in mind so that your personal information does not fall into the hands of strangers. For example, do not download anything from any source other than Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Do not install any app by looking at online ads. In particular, do not download APK files at all. Because this malicious software can enter your device. Above all, be extra careful when using public networks.

How to restore a hacked device?

Those whose phones have been hacked can install anti-malware apps from Sophos, Malwarebytes, AVG, or Kaspersky. These apps allow you to scan mobile phones to identify unknown and suspicious apps and uninstall them. In addition, you can keep a backup of your personal data and files. Also, be sure to reset the device to factory settings. Doing these will remove the malware from the mobile device.

So, if you are aware of these few things yourself, your device will also be protected from hackers.

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