How to Message Someone on YouTube with secret tips 2021 Updates

How to Message Someone on YouTube with secret tips 2021 Updates

How to Message Someone on YouTube

How to Message Someone on YouTube

How to Message Someone on YouTube: The most popular free website sharing videos online is YouTube with its headquarters located in San Bruno city of California, United States. Here you might watch, like, comment, share and upload your videos. If you wish to send someone a message on the YouTube platform, you might be unsure of doing so. This is because you cannot directly message someone on YouTube, unlike Facebook. In this guide, you will find some latest tips on how to message someone on YouTube.

Is sending and receiving messages possible on YouTube? 

On the 9th of July, 2018 YouTube removed from Creator Studio the Option for sending, receiving, and reading a message, as this feature was not used widely. But still, you can message someone on YouTube by setting up business inquiry mails on your YouTube channel. But note that this feature is available only with YouTube’s desktop version.      

How to create business inquiry mails on YouTube?

You could send as well as receive e-mail messages with the use of business inquiry mails for maintaining contact with your viewers. For getting mail messages, you need to add your contact information to the channel of yours.

I) Go to that YouTube channel you wish to mail.

II) Select the “About” tab of that channel.

how much it costs to create a YouTube channel

III) Select “View email address” in case a business inquiry mail has been given. If you cannot see a business inquiry mail then the owner of the channel did not give one.

Select View email Address

IV) Use email for sending a message to that channel.

How to message someone on YouTube via a mobile device?

Messaging someone on YouTube using a mobile is very easy with the help of a YouTube application. 

I) Click on YouTube from your mobile and Google Chrome would direct you to the YouTube app.

Open your Uoutube App from your mobileII) Install and then activate the app.

III) Next, select “Inbox” at bottom of the screen.

IV) You would find a window now where you could see a list of your friends with who you have finished connecting.

How to Message Someone on YouTube on mobile go to inbox

V) Tap on the friend you want to chat with and send a message to him or her.

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Tips for messaging on YouTube

Here are they.

Check the time

After you log in to the account you have, you could select “Time watched” for knowing the exact number of hours you spent for watching videos. You may also select a reminder from the menu, for chilling out in case you become over-involved.   

Type, send, and reply

YouTube users are probably encouraged to communicate via this platform as numerous messaging options are available on the YouTube mobile app. But if YouTube enabled a direct message sending feature to the non-friend YouTubers, then its function of messaging could have gained much more popularity.

The Restricted Mode   

There is very little specified content only for adults, on YouTube. Nevertheless, you could switch on the “Restricted Mode” by going to “Settings”, to ensure that your children view apt videos.

YouTube Stories  

It is surprising that YouTube went on the ‘Stories” blitz. On your mobile, you may select “Subscriptions” swiping up till you can see “Stories”. Click the story of your interest then swipes left / right for exploring more.

Hope after you read this article you can now succeed to message someone on YouTube which is a dominant platform. 


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