How to use these secret features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become an important part of our life these days. All chatting from home to office is done on WhatsApp. Apart from normal chatting in WhatsApp, there are many great features too. But due to lack of information, most users are not able to use it. Today I will tell you about how to use these secret features of WhatsApp, which will make your chatting double fun..

How to send message on WhatsApp without saving number?

No need to save number to send message

Yes, it is not necessary to have someone’s number saved for sending WhatsApp messages. You can send a message without saving any number. For this, you need to paste the link on the browser. Here, enter the country code and phone number instead of XXX. After this you will get the option of Message + Country code-XXXXXXXXXXX on WhatsApp. Message can be sent by clicking on it.

How to hide last seen message on WhatsApp?

Last Seen is also easy to hide

This is also a great feature of WhatsApp. Whenever you talk to someone, the time to stay online is also visible. It is obvious that other users can also see your Last Seen. If you want no one to track the timing of your stay online, then it is possible. In WhatsApp, tap on the three dot icon above in the right side. After that go to Settings. Then go to the accounts and click on privacy. After this, go to the last scene and tap on Everyone, My contacts Nobody.

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How to block anyone on WhatsApp?

Can Block Anyone

It is not that it is necessary to chat with everyone present in your WhatsApp contact. If you do not want to talk to any person or do not want to see his message, then the option of Block is also available. For this you press the three dots at the top of your chat window. Now here you have to click on the option of more. Click on the block here.

How to change Font on WhatsApp?

Font can change

You may have also seen bold and italic font on WhatsApp many times. At first glance, it seems that with the help of a third party app, such fonts have been used on WhatsApp. But all these fonts are present only in WhatsApp. If you want someone to write text in bold, then you have to put the text back and forth *. At the same time, italics have to be applied _ back and forth to the text. For the underline, the text has to be applied back and forth.

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How to share Live Location on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Live Location

Most people know how to share a location with someone in WhatsApp. But still most users do not use Live Location in WhatsApp. Actually, instead of telling someone the location, you can also tell the direction yourself. For this, ask other users to share their live location. Then you can tell him the real time location.

How to schedule message on WhatssApp?

Schedule a message on WhatsApp for birthday wish or good morning

Whatsapp takes care of every need of its users. For this reason, every facility related to chatting is present in it, which we often need. We wait till 12 o’clock at night to wish birthday to friends or relatives. We have to be awake even when there is no big work. One has to wake up in the morning to say good morning. Many times we have to do only one message, but we have no choice but to wake up. Here we are telling you such a trick after which you will not have to stay awake till late in the night to wish. Through this, you will be able to easily schedule your message on WhatsApp.

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Follow the steps to schedule message on whatsApp

To schedule a message on WhatsApp, first download an app named SKEDit from the Google Play Store. After signing up in this app, choose the option of WhatsApp. Now this App will ask for some permission from you. You have to give all the permission. After this, select the option of Use Service giving the permission of Accessibility in the settings. Now search the name of the message you want to schedule on WhatsApp and schedule the message at the desired time by typing the message. After doing this you can sleep without being carefree. Your message will run at the scheduled time.

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