How Users can hide likes on Facebook and Instagram

How Users can hide likes on Facebook and Instagram

How Users can hide likes on Facebook and Instagram

The social media giant Facebook has announced the new feature. Now users can hide Public Like Count on Instagram and Facebook. This means that you do not have to take tension about how many likes are coming on the posts of other people. That is, if you want to take a break from the number game on Instagram and Facebook, then it will now be possible.

You have been given another option with this new feature. With this, you can hide the likes count of all your posts in the feed. You will have the option to hide the likes of your post. From this, you cannot see how many likes are found on your post.

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On this, Facebook said that we want to share photos and videos, just focus on it. Instead of how many likes users get, focus on the quality of photos and videos shared.

You can select the option to hide before sharing the post. This feature can be activated even after the post goes live. This feature will be released in the coming few weeks.

Instagram said in a statement that there will be no pressure on people to hide like counts. Experts and people said that not seeing the likes count was a good experience for them. Some people find out what is going on in the trend.

There was a discussion of the removal of the Like Count feature from Facebook for a long time. Now the company has made it clear that in the coming few days this feature will be released to everyone.

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