In Cyber Monday iPad Deals 2020 : Amazon offers iPad air 4 at a low price record low


Cyber ​​Monday iPad Deals 2020 - Which iPad Should I Buy?

Cyber Monday iPad Deals 2020 – The iPad Air 4 is back on Amazon with a better deal than the Black Friday price, which fits with the best discount with a discount 40 discount.

Cyber Monday iPad Deals 2020 -The Amazon Space Gray 64GB iPad Air 4, which sold for 9,569 on Black Friday, is priced at $ 559.

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Amazon says the tablet will be in stock on Friday, December 20th, so you may want to secure your location before Christmas. B&H also sells the 64GB iPad Air 4 (Wi-Fi), with Space Space Gray and Silver discounted at $ 569.

The iPad Air 4 features an almost edge-to-edge display and an updated A14 chip, which reduces the distance between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. In our review, AppleInsider gave it a rare 4.5 stars.