Instagram Complete Guides feature, making it easy to search for content right now

Instagram Guides feature

Users can view creators’ videos and posts using the Instagram Guides feature. Additionally, it is very easy to search for any creator post using this feature. This feature has been introduced in many countries, including India.

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The popular photo-sharing app Instagram has recently officially launched the keyword search feature in 6 countries. This feature makes the search option much easier than before. However, Indian consumers still have to wait for this feature. Meanwhile, the company has released some of the most eagerly awaited feature guides in India. This feature allows creators to create more content.

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Information that the photo-sharing platform Instagram has released guides for everyone. Users can share all kinds of content through guides. Unlike posts and stories, is similar to a blog and provides a new way for creators to create and share content when it is a long-form. Let us know that Instagram Guides launched earlier this year. But now it has been officially released in India.

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Guides released for Indian users feature are only available to users on their profile. With the help of the Guides feature, you can also share your Instagram stories, DM, and bio link. Instagram claims that users can find product guides in the Instagram shop, which allows users to search for new products for those who have not yet used them.

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Keyword search introduced

Recently, Instagram released a keyword search feature to make it easier for users. With the help of this feature, users do not need a hashtag to search for anything. However, this feature has not yet been introduced for Indian consumers, for which users will have to wait for some time.

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