Internet speed will increase, 2023 iPhone will come with Apple’s own 5G modem


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Internet speed will increase, 2023 iPhone will come with Apple’s own 5G modem

Tech giant Apple is about to break ties with Qualcomm. As a result, we will see the company’s own 5G modem chip in the future iPhone. For so long, the world’s second-largest smartphone company has relied on modems made by Qualcomm. Ming-chi Kuo, a sitting analyst at Apple-based news portal MacRumors, said in a report that Apple plans to use its own modem for the 2023 iPhone 5G. There has been speculation about this issue for several days. But this speculation is probably going to come true this time.

Kuo said that Apple is already trying to develop its custom 5G cellular modems and when all the work is done, it will start using these cellular modems in Apple, iPhone in 2023. The use of this sophisticated 5G cellular modem will further increase the speed of the Internet. There are also various benefits including low latency that were not available in Qualcomm modems.

Kuo claims that the severance of business ties with Apple will force Qualcomm to enter new markets. “As sales of high-end 5G Android phones are much lower, Qualcomm will now have to compete for more orders in the low-end market to reduce losses,” the report said. When supply constraints are cut, the bargaining power between MediaTek and Qualcomm will decrease, resulting in stronger competition from the mid-end to the low-end market. ”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that a company report has revealed the development of Apple’s custom 5G modems. Barclays analysts made similar claims in March this year. Bloomberg also reported in late 2020 that Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technology had begun developing its “first internal cellular modem.”

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