iOS 14.5 update for iPhone released, know what are the new features

iOS 14.5 update for iPhone released
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iOS 14.5 update for iPhone released, know what are the new features

Apple has released an update to iOS 14.5 for all iPhones. Many features have been given in this update. Here you are telling about some such new features that you will see in the iOS 14.5 update.

Unlock iPhone even wearing a mask

Because of the corona, it has been made necessary for all people to apply masks. Because of this, users can unlock face. For this, you will need Apple Watch.

More than 200 new emoji available for iPhones

Emoji have a lot of use. Almost everyone uses it. With this new update, 217 new emoji users have been given. It also has an emoji with a new headphone icon. It looks like AirPods.

New Voice and Features for iPhone Siri

Two new voices are now available for Siri. Apple has not divided it into a male-female category. It has been called Voice 1 and Voice 2. With the help of Siri, group FaceTime calls can now be made. This feature is provided with the iOS 14.5 update.

Apple Maps gets some features like Google Maps

Google Maps is a very popular app. It is also used a lot. Now we will get to see many of its features in Apple Maps as well. Users can now report speeding points and accidents. This feature is provided with iOS 14.5.

5G support for dual sim on iPhones

Currently, this feature is not so useful here due to 5G connectivity in India. This feature is very important for where there is 5G connectivity. Users who use dual SIM will get 5G connectivity on both SIMs.

Privacy Double with App Tracking Transparency

Apple has always been vigilant about the privacy of its users and their data. Now the company has released a new feature about this. This feature has been named App Tracking Transparency. With this feature, the app will have to take their permission before the users can track their data.

Battery recalibration for iPhone 11 series users

The battery recalibration feature will help the user to understand their actual battery and device performance. This feature will be activated with the download of iOS 14.5 but it may take some time to understand the phone’s battery and recalibrate it. If recalibration is not possible in some cases, then Apple will replace the phone’s battery for free.

Support for AirTag, PS, and Xbox

Apple launched the tracking device last week. Tracking device AirTag has been supported with iOS 14.5. Apart from this, PS and Xbox have also become compatible with the iPhone. Those who have a PS5 or Xbox Series X can play games on the iPhone using the controller.

New Features in Podcasts App and Reminders App

The Podcasts app is now available with new designs and features. The Podcasts app will look like Apple Music to you. A small change has been made in the reminders. Users will be able to sort Reminders in a much better way.

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