Apple Watch 6 Series
Image Credit by “Kalinga”

Powerful engineer Joan Processor said that Apple is going to release in the media on Tuesday to announce the new versions of the iPad and Apple Watch.

The processor explains that Apple had a press release at 9:00 EST on Tuesday, September 8, but stated that it was “not closed” until the actual day. He said he would review when the processor is available.

The processor has previously said that newer versions of the Apple Watch and iPad will come with a press release in the week of September 7th. This press release on Tuesday looks like it was made for those products.

Although the new Apple Watch Models Series 6 was expected, the processor did not say which iPods would come. There have been a lot of leaks about the iPad and the low-cost iPad Air in recent months. It has also been suggested that updated iPad Pro models may arrive this month, so it will be very difficult to know which iPod models are being rolled out.

The release of many Apple products is imminent. Late last month, Apple registered eight Apple watches and seven iPads in Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) files, revealing various leaks such as manual and design schematics. In many cases, there are similar EEC installations before launching new Apple products, including multiple packages, iPad Pro, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

The EEC’s inclusion confirms that new Apple watches and at least two different iPad models will be released soon, so the processor’s claim that Tuesday’s media release will see the announcement of these products is unfounded. In the past, some of Apple’s launch plans were backed up by the processor.

Updates: Mark Gurman believes Tuesday’s announcement could be on an upcoming iPhone show rather than a new product release: