iPhone 12 latest leakable news: Apple has set a launch date for its latest iPhone

iPhone 12 event

October 13 will be the biggest event for the iPhone maker who wants to see the 5G iPhone 12 late announcement.

Apple has announced the launch date of its latest iPhone. Called the iPhone 12, the new device features super-fast 5G wireless connectivity and a new iPod-inspired design. October 13 at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. BST). There is no official word yet on the price or release date, but here are the latest rumors. Like Apple’s global developers’ conference and its September Apple Watch and iPad announcements, the iPhone event will take place entirely online. The event will be broadcast via Apple’s website and here’s how to view it.

Apple Fall products are expected to hit a wave of upgraded purchases by fans this year, with new gig capabilities of the iPhone ghee and a boxer-shaped frying pan like the iPod Pro. According to a survey conducted by electronics reseller Declarator, 53 percent of people want to buy an iPhone this year. Flasher rivals – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, with its foldable display or Microsoft’s Surface Duo, sandwiched with two screens – offer new spins in the construction of the typical metal-glass smartphone. But many consumers are drawn to what they already know.

The new iPhone offers only a few new bells and whistles along with a different exterior design, which still attracts the lion’s attention. What else can Apple announce on October 13th?

Apple’s invitation, often with a few hints, this time in circles with the Apple logo in different shades of blue, orange, and red. There was a punch: “Hi, Speed.”

This did not stop people from concealing that other secret could be hidden in the sense of invitation. Apple hopes to announce new over-the-ear headphones (Airpods Studio?) At the event, which may come as a bit of a surprise if the circles have anything to do with audio sounds. (Apple removed competing headphones from its store prior to the event.)

Apple has added a real trick to its website, and as it happened last month, invitation circles will become floating memories on October 13th.

The star of Apple’s show will be its new iPhone, which will replace the 799 iPhone 11, 99 999 iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which launched in 2019 at $ 1,099. Apple hopes to upgrade device features, including better cameras, faster chips, and the company’s latest software, iOS 14. There are also rumors that Apple will be offering the iPhone 12 Mini, which may be a response to some complaining about smartphones that are not pocket friendly. Unlike the new iPod Air, the iPhone 12 does not have a Touch ID button.

While Apple is looming in the 5G market, it is expected to be a big player soon. This year, Strategy Analytics estimates that Apple will export 50 million 5G iPhones, making it the second-largest 5G seller in 2020 – with sales in three months. By comparison, Samsung’s first 5G phones were launched in May and last year it exported over 6.7 million Galaxy 5G smartphones.

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple will become the world’s largest 5G phone seller next year.

Launch another iPhone

The fact that Apple has its own event on the Internet sets the iPhone ad apart from previous years. Analysts expect Apple’s latest handsets to launch in late October or early November. A month after the regular iPhone launches, Apple warned in July that the new smartphones would arrive a few weeks later than usual.

Apple’s ads will also overlap Amazon’s rescheduled Prime Day shopping event on October 13 and 14. Normally, a fully made holiday would take place in July, but this year has been postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Apple is still hosting its annual September event to announce the new iPods, the new Apple Watch, and the new Apple One subscription services. The service combines its 5 months of Apple TV Plus, Apple 10 Apple Music per month, Apple 10 Apple News Plus per month, and 5 months of Apple Arcade gaming efforts.

Playing Now: Apple Silicon-Powered Max: What to Expect

When replacing the new iPhones, Apple’s Event Company will for the first time display the latest computer that offers chips called Apple Silicon.

Apple has not shared more information about its latest chips, which for 14 years will replace Intel processors that use the same processors as Apple-based iPhones, iPods and Apple TVs. Apple has said it will continue to sell Intel-powered computers but said the change will improve performance, battery life, and easier connections to iPhones and iPods.

“Hardware and software are fundamental to everything we do,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said when announcing the effort this summer. “It takes the Mac to the next level.”

However, people are more interested in the iPhone‌ and for good reason. Analysts say this year’s innovations with new designs and 5G wireless technology will lead to a lot of demand.

“Going a step further, we believe the iPhone 12 represents Cook & Co’s most important production cycle, the iPhone 6, and despite the low consumer environment, it will be another defining chapter in Apple’s growth story.” Wedbush analyst Daniel Eves wrote in a statement on Apple’s investment. Eves said he expects the iPhone to launch once every 12 decades with or without the Coronavirus.

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